Friday, May 19, 2006

I get it now.

Why there are so many mommy and daddy blogs out there.

I used to think that it was because there were a lot of people who were truly just that enamored with their kids. Or finding camaraderie in sharing stories about the toughest job there is.


I get it now.

There’s nothing else to talk about. Seriously. You can’t talk about work, because inevitably we all want to just go off about how batchit crazy our coworkers are, how poorly we’re treated, how inefficient our companies are, how underpaid we are, how overpaid they are, et cetera. But we can’t do that. Because – duh – we need that crappy job so we can eat. We like to eat.

We’re smart enough not to talk about our relationships online. Ok, well, SOME of us are smart enough. Don’t even get me started on that one. But, I for one, am smart enough not to vent about the people who love and support me in a forum that they can read. I mean really, who DOES that? (Which is not to say that I have that much to vent about. But if we’re being honest here, it’s way more interesting to read about how someone done you wrong than how much you love and value the support of your Ya Ya Sisterhood. Daytime TV – case in point.)

So what’s left?

Gardening? Woo. Your freakish obsession with your motorcycle? Umm…works for some I guess. Star Trek? (Now I’m tempted to search that and see how completely blown away I am by the vast numbers of Trekkie blogs. )

Anyway, my point is, that’s why there are so many fun and entertaining blogs out there about kids and parenting. You can totally share that stuff without having to worry about copyright, non-disclosure, bad breakups, etc.

And kids are kind of funny and interesting. So, I guess you can sign me up. I see that being a recurring theme here. Much more riveting than making a daily list of what I’m wearing and what I ate for lunch. She really is the smartest, funniest, fascinating kid alive. Sometimes I want to brag about her endlessly. Sometimes I want to trade her in for Jimmy Choos. So I can about guarantee that the life and times of Sweet Pea will feature prominently.

I might talk politics. But not much.

I have a plan to dig out an old journal from high school and post snippets from that. And another plan to tell tales about my glamorous life as a soon to be self employed person.

And I will probably write in a mortified tone about my newest obsession/hobby – scrapbooking. Which, hello, goes right back to the kid thing. I was never tempted to glue ribbon and glitter to pages of expensive designer paper pre-baby. It’s like I’ve gone LDS or something. OMG, the other day while I was home sick, I actually watched a 30 minutes scrapbooking show on DIY. I can’t even tell you what that did to my psyche.

But I digress. This was to be my intro. The first ink on the blank pages of a new journal. Only instead of hiding this tome under decorative liner of my underwear drawer (who did I think I was fooling with that anyway?), I’m putting it out onto the Interweb.



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MuffinTucker said...

It would be really, REALLY awkward for someone to complain about how sucky his or her friends are on a blog that all the friends read. How AWKWARD!!!!!