Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A list of things I'd like to remember about my daughter at two.

1) You love boogers. I mean, you L-O-V-E them. You spend so much time picking your nose, your nostrils are becoming index finger shaped. I feel like the only things I say to you are, “Get your finger out of your nose.” And, “Stop picking your nose.” You just roll your eyes at me and dig deeper. The other day in the car you said sweetly, “Mamma? I eat it?” And I said, “Eat what honey?” And you said, “Booger on my finger.”

2) Second only to your love of boogers, is your love of eating sand. Sand at the coast was especially tasty, I think because of the salt and marine life. I will be flossing sand out of your teeth and wiping it out of your butt crack until you start kindergarten and discover the joys of paste.

3) You are totally and delightfully random. Case in point, the other day as I was unbuckling you from your car seat you passionately and gleefully shouted, “COME BACK MEATBALL!!” And the next afternoon you put your little hands on my face in order to get my full attention and said seriously, “Mamma, watch my lips…Marshmellow.”

4) You would rather die a painful death than wear shoes not of your choosing. You are especially fond of a pair of too-big blue moon boots that I have now had to hide in 3 different places. This morning – August 29th, 2006 – you spied a blue moon boot peeking out from it’s hiding place and were winding up to pitch an I-must-wear-those-blue-moon-boots-to-school-today-or-die-trying fit, when I was somehow able to distract you with some Teletubby sandals. If it’s the Dora slippers that you simply MUST wear, I usually let you. It’s just not worth fighting that battle.

5) You also prefer to have a purse with you at all times. So I’m thinking that you’ve just got it bad for accessories.

6) You have dubbed yourself the official announcer of all things flatulent. Which means that you not only announce any time you toot with an exuberant, “Mamma – I TOOT.” But you also announce the toots of others. I feel like I should warn people. Because it’s a little spooky how good you are at outing people. Don’t try to cover your toot with a cough or sneeze. Sweet Pea will know, and she will tell the world.

7) You strip your clothes off so often in the front yard that the neighbors are starting to talk about us. The other day someone asked me if you got that trait from me. As if.

8) You said your first swear word a couple of months ago when I missed a turn. But your daddy thinks it was the other day when he smashed his finger. I’ll never tell.

9) I am fairly certain that you have a crush on a little boy named Mason. You talk about Mason constantly and ask me really important questions like, “What color is Mason’s car?” Mason has big brown eyes and a buzz cut. He seems to share his toys, and always says goodbye to you when you leave. So I guess in toddler land, he’s a good egg. He is not quite as excited to see you each morning as little Coulter. But I guess you have to follow your heart.

10) I love you enough to remember all of this stuff and tell your friends about it when you are old enough for it to be really embarrassing.


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misanthropster said...

I love it. All of it.