Friday, September 01, 2006

Blondes definitely do NOT have more fun.

I am naturally light brown haired with lots of red-blonde highlights. But my soul has never really connected with my hairs in a monogamous way. So more often than not over the last few years I have succumbed to Clairol moments. I went really red for a long time, and then last summer went really blonde. So just for fun, I thought I’d try auburn for fall. My new stylist made me over yesterday, and I am pretty damn happy with the results. I’ve sort of got a preppy soccer mom meets rock diva thing going on. I feel like I need some black eyeliner and big earrings. And the color is definitely dark. More brown than red. I love it.

My observation is that people are looking at me. Not in a bad way either. These two guys at the Cold Stone place kept giving me backwards glances, and today a guy I’ve walked by a million times stopped what he was doing and said hello. My husband is practically panting.

Maybe Auburn is the new Blonde? (Too bad for you Ashley Simpson!) At least I’m noticing far more attention being diverted my way with dark hairs than I ever got with the light ones.

What would be really interesting is to cut it super short and see what happens. In college when my hair was short people would stop me on the street to tell me they liked it. One night two guys in a bar in Montana told me never to grow my hair out because it was so sexy. And my husband definitely prefers that too.

Interesting. Stereotypes are just crashing to the ground here!

Either that, or I just wasn’t a great blonde. Jury’s out. Yea for good hair days.


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