Thursday, September 14, 2006

Things I wish I had more time to do:

Write blog entries about interesting and relevant topics. Or read other people’s interesting and relevant blogs for that matter.

Read enough to be able to say that I am fond of “19th century feminist literature” or something.

Scrapbook – I know, totally dorky. But I’ve decided it’s a creative outlet for people with carpet and toddlers.

Watch one show on television regularly enough to be able to have conversations about it at dinner parties. Sesame Street and Teletubbies do not count. In fact, I amend this to say, “Watch one show on HBO regularly enough…”

Sew. – I’m really starting to sound like a scary stepford wife here, aren’t I?

Work out more than once a week.

Cook things that don’t come pre-made and frozen, or from a can with a cartoon character on the label. In fact, I would really like to start a regularly scheduled traveling dinner party with friends.

Garden, or in the case of my yard, wilderness management.

OMG. I just re-read this, and it sounds like I want to be a housewife. Wow. I will have to ponder that and get back to me.

The good news is I’m not lamenting spending time with Sweet Pea. So I should give myself a gold star for at least having that priority straight. The only thing is, all those things on that list are “ME” things. And that is where I feel lacking these days. And I know that I have time for me. I know that there are hours slipping by me that could be spent doing something fun and relaxing and selfish. I just have to figure out what I can give up in order to make better use of those hours. Like, sleeping. Or working. Oy.


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