Monday, October 30, 2006

It’s so totally unoriginal to be anti-politics. And even less of a statement to say that you don’t like political advertising. I know this. And so instead I’m going to tell you a leetle political story.

I’m in Idaho. And ‘round these parts we don’t trust nobody who doesn’t introduce themselves as a Republican. Them damn East Coast Liberals is tryin’ to steal our horses and our wimmins. We’d just as soon string ‘em up as look at ‘em.

Then along came Bill Sali.

Butthead Bill is running for a congressional seat here in Idaho on the Republican ticket. Only, even the R’s don’t like him much. It’s been fascinating to watch these events unfold really. You can practically see the angst in the eyes of some republican leadership. I mean, Dubya is counting on Idaho to keep filling those seats with some conservative, morally superior, blue blooded Republicans. I mean, Idaho = potatoes and Republicans, right? But this guy is a FREAKSHOW. What to do? What to do?

My personal take on how we got here is this: During the primary in May, the most qualified of the 5 candidates battling it out for the Republican spot was a pretty blonde lady with loads of experience at the state level. (Her name is Sheila Sorenson.) People genuinely seemed to like her. I thought she’d win. So I was shocked when I heard one of my politico friends – a woman even - saying things like, “Can you just see her teetering into a saw mill or a rancher’s association meeting in her Prada pumps? She’s not going to be able to get the job done here.” Read, “We don’t like her because she is a she.”


I always vote on the Republican ticket in the primary, and I was all prepared to let go a chad for good old Sheila. But alas, we recently moved into the wrong district. It obviously didn’t matter though, because there had to have been some money coming out of Washington DC to make sure that she didn’t win. I think they were hoping to put forward this other guy who was kind of an unknown. But it didn’t work. And now here we are with Butthead. (Who, when asked what three things he would focus on in Washington, answered: “I promise to only drink bottled water.” Huh? I think that was supposed to get the Mormons all excited. But I think they are scratching their heads too.)

Butthead has been a member of the Idaho Legislature for some time now. And he’s most famously known for making a direct correlation – during the session – between abortion and breast cancer. One member of the Idaho House of Representatives actually left the floor in tears because he essentially said that if you have breast cancer it’s likely your punishment for having had an abortion. She was in chemo.

What the?

Anyhoo…There is a pretty vocal movement of Republicans here in Idaho who are supporting the Democratic Party candidate, Larry Grant. The Grant campaign recently released this ad:


  • using quotes from those Republicans – although some of them may have been from the primary. It’s hard tellin’.

    I think its brilliant! I mean, politicians spent all spring convincing us that Butthead Bill was, well, a butthead. And now politicians afraid to lose a Republican seat in Congress are trying to take it all back. Or hoping we won’t remember. Or counting on the fact that people in Idaho don’t take time to actually educate themselves, they just vote R, R, R, R, R right down the ballot.

    They might be right about that last part, sadly. But I’m really hoping that Idahoans will remember what we learned about Bill Sali from his own party.

    Or just vote for Larry Grant because he has the best ads.


    ****** These are my private opinions as a voter in Idaho. I'm not affiliated with any party or candidate. And I make stuff up too. **********


    misanthropster said...

    politics is bizarre, eh?

    my husband and I entertain ourselves by going to our polling place and voting democrat right on down the ballot, knowing that we'll be the token TWO dems in the entire district.


    Although honestly, when it comes to a presidential race or something this next time around, I have the feeling that it's going to be a little bit harder on us. Not for voting dem, but because it'll be more difficult to choose based on the candidates' merits or lack thereof.

    Interesting ad though. And it's always cool to hear about politics in other parts of the country, as unless things get really out of hand (Governor "The Body" Ventura, anybody?) we never actually hear about stuff.

    Clover said...

    I think this go around will be interesting on so many levels. There's nothing like a pissed off populace to keep things lively.