Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I hate making Christmas gift lists. Hate it. It makes me feel all, demanding. And materialistic. Plus, I want to be surprised. So I never feel like I ask for what I really want. So, here goes. Too late to do anything about it, what I want for Christmas:

This book that I saw yesterday at Craft Warehouse and I was all, “Oh! I have a link to her blog on my blog!” As though that made me cool or something. But the book looks like the schiznit.

I did ask M for a new Nano. Which is funny, because I have an Ipod Mini that is broken, so you’d think I’d want something more reliable. But, nope. I want a Nano. So that I can pretend I am still cool, and that my playlists aren’t made up entirely of jazzy/punked out versions of toddler songs.

Effortless hair. Meaning, hair that looks good even if I just pull it back into a ponytail, or wash it and let it air dry. And while I’m asking for the impossible, how about world peace?

Some new black shoes. Like those crunchy granola Mary Janes that look funky and yet orthopedic all at the same time. And some new red FMP’s, maybe with a rhinestone buckle. And something to wear the red shoes with. Maybe a little black dress.

A subscription to a scrapbooking magazine would be kind of fun. Since I’m all cool like that. With my awesome Wiggles edition Nano and my comfortable Mary Janes.

A trip to somewhere warm and tropical with a spa package.

A new watch. Maybe one with some bling.

A thousand dollars to spend at a nursery this spring on plants for my bare front yard. And a landscape designer and some guys with shovels to go with it.

A trip to NYC with all my girlfriends.

The in shape body that I had a year ago back for good. With the ability to eat chocolate chip cookies and French fries whenever I want. (Santa Baby, I’ve been an awfully good girl…)

A new gas stove.

Time to cook on my new gas stove.

A cute little cabin in the woods.

Flawless skin.

Season tickets to our summer Shakespeare Festival.

More closet space.


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