Tuesday, January 09, 2007

In just a few moments I am going to go on and on about potty training. So for those of you who don’t care to know the intimate details of my two year old’s execratory accomplishments (and I assume that’s everyone) I offer this little tidbit. Be prepared to laugh so hard food comes out your nose. Hopefully said food is not a veggie jello mold. Then again, if you’re eating a gelatinous mass of green beans right now, you aren’t likely to find this very funny.

Ok, now on to the really important stuff. We are officially on day FIVE of big girl underpants. It has not been with out an accident. But so far there has only been one per day, and they are all of the pee pee variety. So I’m pretty stoked.

Last night, partly out of necessity and partly as a reward for excellent progress, I took Sweet Pea to the mall to buy some underpants of her choice. She chose one package of Cinderella panties (natch), one package of purple and pink polka dot panties, and one package of boy’s underpants. That last one caused me a moments pause until I realized that toddler training pants are unisex in functionality. So if she wants blue underpants with cars and frogs on them, more power to her.

I’m like REALLY excited about this. No more poopy diapers for me!! No more poopy diapers for me!!!


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misanthropster said...

I am SO jealous.