Friday, January 26, 2007

Today is just going to be a little slice of my headspace.

Songs that are on my Ipod despite having incredibly stupid and/or profane lyrics:

Shake That by Eminem

London Bridge by Fergie

Feelin’ Love by Paula Cole, specifically the line about her t**s, and the use of the word horny. Only 12 year old boys can say tits and horny and not sound stupid. And only because 12 year old boys are expected to sound kind of stupid.

Anything by the Pussycat Dolls.


I was doing some research for a client yesterday, and found this incredibly cool web site belonging to a photographer that I now love named David Maisel.

I am wishing for the art fairy to leave me one of his lake photos under my pillow. (Is it weird to want to display toxic wastelands in your home?)


Mr. Clover just had me listen to an audio clip, and I am laughing on the outside/crying on the inside over how closely this mirrors a conversation I had with a customer service rep at Earthlink a few weeks ago. (To listen click here and then follow the link on this poor fellow's blog.) I was cancelling an account for my parents that they were getting rid of because it didn’t work. They had already paid to have someone from the phone company come out and test the line. They had already paid to have the hardware tested. My mom was on the phone with Earthlink’s tech support on 6 different occasions. Earthlink didn’t want to cancel the account, and they sure as hell didn’t want to refund the $48 my dad already pre-paid for the month. They wanted me to keep the account open until the end of the month. I asked if they could get it to work. They said no. It was insanity.

***Addendum alert! In getting the link for this Vincent Farrari's blog I saw an article on MSN about this. Apparently he has been interviewed in national media over this incident and AOL has apologized profusely. I sure wish I had recorded my call with Earthstink.


I bought myself this birthday present last night. It should arrive just in time for my actual birthday.

Happy Weekend!

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