Friday, February 02, 2007

Thank God for you Giselle. How brave of you to come to the defense of the fashion and entertainment industry. Because YOU’RE RIGHT. Supermodels get picked on too. The world needs to stop whining and pointing fingers at the waifs of the runways and take some responsibility for the eating disorder epidemic in the US. All that scientific research is just rubbish. I mean, who would believe that young men and women would idolize and try to emulate people as silly as supermodels and celebrities anyway? Clearly bad parenting is to blame here.

I’m not sure why you need to be excused. Is the diet pill and celery stalk diet making you a little gassy? Anyway you hit the nail on the head. Some people are born with the genes for high fashion and movie star boyfriends. Everyone else should stick to wearing burlap bags. And if they don’t feel sexy and beautiful because they have, say, HIPS…Well, they should just thank their lucky stars that they were never taunted by mobs of angry schoolchildren shrieking “Olive Oyl!” You poor thing.

No wonder you’re one of the richest women in entertainment. With your stunning good looks AND the brains to match. I think you’re a shoe in for a Nobel Prize. Maybe in Physics for figuring out how to stuff your ta ta’s into a Victoria’s Secret bra that’s 4 cup sizes too small. Or in Chemistry for your exceptionally even application of self bronzer. Perhaps there is a category for airbrushing? Well, if there is, girl you OWN it.


all the way live said...

I've been home sick watching the style channel for four days and I think maybe you are picking on Giselle. Poor Giselle. Supermodels are people too, they smack their maids around just like the rest of us and bring surgeons on television to feel them up so they can prove their breasts are real. Geez. Do you want them to cry and make the smoky eye run? Do you know how many times I saw the smoky eye application in the last four days? You don't want to know. I do know now that some new clothes and a haircut will cure just about anything including eating disorders and bad marriages. It is that simple.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Great post! It offends me that someone can get so wealthy for doing nothing but looking good in clothes (or half in them, as the case may be.)

Models are not required to be intelligent, creative, talented, kind, or anything else that the rest of us consider remotely necessary for success. Most of them are morons, but sadly, celebrities who conform to society's beauty ideal often do have more influence on young teens than their parents.

You don't see little girls scarfing down tons of food to look like Rosie O'Donnell, do you?

Clover said...

Well add this to the plight of the supermodel...The massive influx of Russian beauties. It must be really devistating the US economy, because it made front page of the "stupid news" section of the Wall Street Journal on Saturday.