Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Why oh why oh why oh why am I such a Pampered Chef whore? Seriously. I mean, 3 nights a week I either rely on my mother to feed my family, or continue my rapid eat-to-own real estate investment in our local flatbread pizza place. So why do I need a $40 stoneware casserole dish? Or a $10 apple corer? Or...drool, pant, pant...the $70 fancy-assed chefs knife with the blah blah blah handle and the whoozywhatitz that keeps food from sticking while you chop?

WHY do I have an entire list of items to share whenever the consultant asks what our favorite Pampered Chef tool is? (I love that little spreader, but it seems like such a wimpy answer given the sizeable investment in PC that my kitchen represents.)

Oh well. Suck it up. I love Pampered Chef. Anyone who wants to order something out of the new catalog should email me. I'm having a party on March 19th in an attempt to earn 1/2 of that $70 knife.

And then oh how lovely will my chopped herbs and vegetables be.

Le sigh.

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heartinsanfrancisco said...

I totally relate. I love to cook, and am a total sucker for beautiful, expensive kitchen tools. To be fair, I do use most of them, but do I really NEED them all?

Not really. But think of the money I'm saving on clothing and makeup, neither of which are personal addictions.