Thursday, May 03, 2007

I should not watch reality teevee.

Ok, in truth, NO ONE should watch reality teevee. But alas. I have once again been sucked into American Idol. My pattern is to get really involved one season, and then swear it off for a while. And then, suckage.

I get so emotionally involved with these people. I actually cringe and suffer during the first few episodes because I just can’t stand to watch some of those idiots make such a-holes out of themselves. And Simon really terrifies me. Not so much in the latter part of the season, but in the beginning when there are all those poor people who think they can sing, and then WHAMMO. Simon.

It’s probably because I am a mediocre wedding/karaoke aficionado my ownself. Good enough to croon some Allison Kraus in a periwinkle bridesmaid dress. Not good enough for, well, anything else. Simon would hate me. Randy would be all, “Check it out, check it out, check it out Dawg. It wasn’t my favorite.” Paula would love me though, and then maybe we could go drink a gallon of Robitussin, or hairspray, or jet fuel. Whatever it is that she’s on.

Ok. So check it out. Last night broke my heart into itty bitty teeny weenie pieces. Even though I totally called it. Even though I don’t think either Chris or Phil were going to win. We are just at a point where I love all those crazy kids, and I want them all to be my American Idol. A million bucks for everyone! Recording contracts all around!

Sniff. Sniff.

So now it’s just going to be absolutely painful every Wednesday night. I mean, when it gets down to Jordan, LaKisha, and Melinda I may have to stop watching. Or get serious about sharing Paula’s koolaid. I can’t pick a favorite out of those three. (Sorry Blake, I like you too. But the girls have it this year I think. Props for the cool Bon Jovi remix though – I totally dug that.)

Am I alone in my Idol love? (My dad was one of the millions of voters on Tuesday, and he voted 20 times, for reals. So obviously, no.) Am I alone in my Idol heartbreak? And most importantly, who is your pick?


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