Monday, June 18, 2007

A few peeps have asked me today why you have to have a Blogger account to post a comment on my blog. It's because I am a big fat wimp who is scared of creepy flamers posting mean things. For reals. This one girl, at band camp, had a flamer posting on her blog about how ugly her baby is. That was enough to scare me away from allowing anonymous posts. If someone called my baby ugly I would cry, cry, cry. (Even though that would be stupid. Have you seen her? She's gorgeous.)

So here’s where my head is after a lovely Father’s Day weekend. I’m like, freaking the hellout.

Well, ok. That might be a little drama. But I’m for sure nesting and creating a monster to do list for Mr. Golightly that he will no doubt ignore completely. He’s all, “I have to paint?” So now I’m afraid to tell him that he also has to build a desk, hang a new ceiling fan, and install a faux wood blind which will very likely have to be special ordered for the worlds oddest shaped window. He might run for the hills. My poor baby daddy. He’s so cute. He’s so capable. He has so many wonderful qualities. Home fix it projects are not, however, at the top of that list. Nothing domestic really. Except opening jars and killing bugs*.

He did plant some flowers for me yesterday. Because, you know. “HOW CAN I POSSIBLY HAVE A BABY IF THERE ARE NOT FLOWERS IN THE FRONT YARD???”

Maybe I’m not exaggerating after all, oui?

*So Sweet Pea has developed this total freak out phobia of bees recently. Last night we had a lovely BBQ** on our patio with lots of family, and this wasp was flying around her, and she was screaming and crying and had to go inside to eat her dinner. Which of course sparked much conversation among the adults at the table about “why would she be so upset” and “she hasn’t ever been stung” and “she doesn’t see YOU freaking out does she?” To which I am all, UM, YOOOOHOOO. It’s a wasp. She’s 3. WASPS ARE FREAKING SCARY. They sting you. They fly aggressively around your head. They look like mean little skeletons. I dunno. Personally I think if you’re going to freak out about something a wasp seems pretty rational to me. But yes. Sigh. We’ll work on it. Anyway. Brave Mr. G saved the day when he killed the wasp with nothing but a mere teaspoon. And Sweet Pea nearly swooned in admiration for her daddy.

**Father’s Day BBQ Menu that I am feeling very smug about: Spinach and strawberry salad, cedar plank grilled salmon with sun dried tomato glaze, roasted asparagus, wild rice, and triple chunk brownies/ice cream. Mmmmm….

Maybe I should go on a brownie run? Maybe I shouldn’t since I’ve already gained 22 lbs. and have 18 more weeks to go. Yeah, that’s right. A pound a week. I could squash you without breaking a sweat so don’t EVEN post a flame comment on my blog.

Ahem. So anyway. I’m also coming to the realization that prior to knowing that this baby was indeed a boy, I could sort of carry on like it would probably be another girl. And another girl is nothing new. So having this baby will be like nothing is different. Right? Hahahahaha. Hahahahaha. Ha. Heh. OH MY GAH. Everyone remain calm. It’s going to be fine. But you DO realize I’m having ANOTHER BABY. Right? And not only is it going to cry, and not sleep, and want to eat things, and poop, and make considerable amounts of laundry…It’s going to have a PENIS. I am so totally out of my league. Barbie I get. Dresses that twirl I get. Playing baby dolls and going shopping and having tea parties…I get that! Boys are a mystery to me. Boys are really busy, aren’t they? And I think we’ve covered that Sweet Pea comes by her fear of bugs and creepy crawlies honestly.

And then the other day I was driving my car when I had this sudden flash of realization – He is going to grow up and get married someday (maybe) and then I will have a daughter in law!! I already hate all his girlfriends.

Oh lordy. I need a brownie.
~ Clover

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