Thursday, June 14, 2007

I thought of something! I thought of something!

Tomorrow afternoon I have my 20 week ultrasound (Although I am actually at 22 weeks if anyone cares to know that detail.)

ANYWAY...We should know by tomorrow afternoon if we have a boy bebe or a girl bebe on the way. And if my new hair color has resulted in fins.

Sweet Pea still insists that there is one of each floating around in there. She's named them Allison and Mike. Did I already post that? Sorry. Baby brain is in full force.

If anyone cares to make a last minute guess you should do that now. I don't have any gut feeling either way. I've flipped and flopped between boy and girl so many times I was beginning to go with "tom boy" or extremely sensitive and well dressed boy who loves showtunes.

Tomorrow will tell! Right now I'm going to put in a guess for a heard of soccer playing octopus. Octopi? Octopusses? A whole bunch of the squirmy little buggers.


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