Thursday, June 14, 2007

Since I am too boring to post about anything in my life, I thought I would briefly regale you with a conversation I overheard in the hair salon today. (Yes, I got my hairs colored. Sue me. I figure if the 9 months pregnant owner of the salon has been willy nilly putting the stuff in people’s hair for the duration of her pregnancy, then my child will likely not have fins based on an hour’s worth of exposure. Plus. I’m huge, yo. Indulge me some cute hair. OH! And I totally figured out today why when I flat iron it doesn’t look the same as when Cute Cassie the stylist flat irons. Because my flat iron cost $20 at the Wal Mart. And her’s was like $200 at the beauty supply store. Damn.)

So here goes:

Girl one: “I so remember the first time I met you. I was totally intimidated.”

Girl two: “I remember you saying that, but why?”

G1: “I think I had it in my head that you and Paul had dated at some point. Maybe Lindsay told me that?”

G2: “She would say that. She talks smack about me all the time. That girl is such a bitch.”

G1: “I know. Total bitch. (then cheerfully) So is she going to be at your wedding?”

G2: (equally as cheerfully) “Of course!”

Hahaha. Ok. Maybe you had to be there.


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