Friday, June 08, 2007

Today’s musings are about maturity. Or, the lack thereof. Specifically, mine.

Yes, today is the day that I completely out my 8th grade sense of humor. Or maybe that’s degrading to 8th graders. Well, political correctness be damned, because here goes.

These are two things at my house that are currently making me giggle like a hyena. May I present Exhibit One:

THAT, fair readers, is a butthole. A sphincter. A big ol’ purple starfish. And I work with enough of the artsy fartsy types to feel fairly confident in stating that it is not by accident. Methinks that the illustrator, Mr. David Catrow, is a bit of an 8th grader hisownself.

Heh. Still funny.

Next, I’m going to offer up what I think is a perfect example of “too close to the forest to see the totally inappropriate for children and yet hilarious sexual innuendo.”

Snort. Bahahaha. MAN, that one just cracks me UP something fierce. I mean, of COURSE it’s Two Headed Monster. Nothing naughty about a singular being going nigh-night. Unless of course that singular being is drawn in such a way that he appears to be two nekkid dudes blissfully drifting off in their big comfy bed. NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT. Unless it’s available for download on the Sesame Street Web Site.

Heh. It’s not anymore. By the way. Available for download that is. I searched high and low for it the other day. Maybe they took it off line to draw some jammies on Two Headed Monster. Or, you know, a cigarette.

There is actually a third thing at my house that has hit the “things as funny as fart noises and the word boobies” list. It is a plastic cup with a bust of Cinderella on top. Sweet Pea Lah-HOVES that cup. And the other night she was cradling it everso when she announced at the dinner table, “Mommy, you’re strong. Daddy is big, but he’s not strong.” And Mr. Golightly’s reply to that was, “Oh yeah, well your Cinderella cup has an Adam’s apple.”

Which of course led to further inspection of the cup, and a new name for it which is “the tranny tippy cup.”

And because I am like 12 I think that’s way funny.

Dude, who farted? Heh.

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