Monday, July 23, 2007

I think what is happening to me right now is a bad case of diversionary decorating. What I really want to be doing is painting the nursery and getting it all ready for the impeding arrival. But in a case of tragic irony, women who long to prepare baby rooms can’t. For all the lifting and climbing and fumes and whatnot. (Although, truth be told, I may have painted a little bit when I was pregnant with Sweet Pea. And with the exception of her love for twirling in circles until she is falling down dizzy, we think she’s pretty normal.) Anyway, it’s the lifting that’s really impeding my progress. And since Mr. Golightly has had a busy, busy summer. I’m stuck with a lot of HGTV energy, and no one to boss around.

So today I bought some posters on AllPosters.Com – they’re having a sale by the way.

Asti Cinzano by Leonetto Cappiello
Asti Cinzano

Three Lab Bakery by Ken Bailey
Three Lab Bakery

These will go in the dining area of our place in the mountains:

The wine poster on the wall next to the buffet, and then over the buffet some shelves with wine glass racks. And the lab poster on the wall by the sliding door.

And then I’m working on some creative endeavors for the baby’s room involving this little guy:

And another thing for the cabin using these pictures of my grandmother:

(I didn’t scrap that page. Credit there goes to my Aunt Donna.)

I’m also in the process of framing some pictures that I’ve manipulated. Here's a sample:

Now. Here’s where I need help. I would really like a pineapple to hang on the wall in my cabin kitchen. I found a perfect door knocker today that if I were rich I would have bought on the spot. But it was like $130. I’m thinking more in the $20 range. So if anyone is bored and wants to help me in the nesting process. Get thee to Google and find me a pineapple.


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