Monday, July 09, 2007

It's been really hot here. Not that I would know much about that, because my response to the rising temps has been to run for the hills. Literally. Or the coast. Either works nicely if your pregnant lady goal is to avoid Fred Flintstone feet. Not so much if you're trying to become a prolific blogger.

Anyhoo...we've been playing in the shade and in the water as much as possible. Last week we went to our erm...other house? Cabin? Lake house? Townhouse? It is a domicile without a classification I guess. I think of it as Chalet Golightly. We rotated guests throughout the week, which was big fun. And bonus, the last crew to roll through are the 'rents of our God Daughter Weezoo, and her new baby brother O Dawg. (I know, but we've already covered that I'm kind of paranoid so DEAL with the pseudonyms.) Anyhoo, after spending a couple of days with them and their exemplary parenting/juggling of babies skills, I am now feeling slightly less overwhelmed by the prospect of having this baby be on the outside. It's all good.

My camera died on day one of both trips, natch. So I have a few snaps I stole from others' cameras to share and more coming.

Enjoy. And I hope everyone else has had as much fun over the last two weeks as we have.

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