Thursday, August 30, 2007

At lunch today Mr. G and I were approached by a reporter from the NY Times about the Larry Craig thing. So that's the 3rd reporter at this point who's asked me about it.


What a mess. I really can't even decide how I feel about it. I'm conflicted. It's hard when it's people you actually know. I mean, kind of peripherally. But still. This is a small state where people have a lot of interaction with their public officials. I've met him several times. I know his family. My friends work on his staff. It's just...ugly. I wouldn't wish it on anyone, and even my liberal little self takes no joy in it. For several reasons.

Here’s what I know though. Senator Craig would be in much less of a mess had he employed an age old female battle tactic. Get indignant, get scary pissed, and confuse the opposition into believing it’s all their fault. Let me illustrate.

I’m sitting in a bathroom stall tapping out sexually aggressive messages in Morris Code. Suddenly a badge appears. In the next 3 seconds I go ballistic. “Who are you? What are you talking about? Are you some kind of freak?” Because really, until someone sees your wanker, have you actually engaged in lude conduct? No! You were simply singing showtunes – ok, maybe not showtunes. Maybe the Battle Hymn of the Republic – in your head and tapping your foot along to the beat. What kind of freaky weird pervert would assume that toe tapping was a solicitation for sex??? And BY THE WAY, I am very powerful and could squash you like a bug for making these ridiculous accusations.

Anyway, to little old me, that sounds way more likely to work than pleading guilty. I’m just sayin…But it only works on male police officers. If they bring in that Kyra Sedgwick character you’re screwed.

I told the reporter that. Heh. But off the record. So if anyone sees it in the NY Times let me know.


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