Friday, August 24, 2007

I am so loving this illustration that was posted on Illustration Friday today. It's a watercolor. So cute. I'm thinking that it would be a faux pas to put the image here, but you can click this link to see it. The topic this week is "Visitor" and this piece is titled, "Waiting for Visitors." The blog is called "Artista Blog" and you have the link.

Oh, what the heck. I keep getting pop ups when I go to the blog, so here's the image:

That little girl is three I bet. :)

Speaking of, it's State Fair time here in Hideyhoo. My usual ritual is to go with Sweet Pea and my mom, have a corndog, look at all the art/photography/quilts/giant pumpkins/farm animals/"amazing" product booths, and ride a couple of kiddie rides. But this year since I'm banned even from the slow moving elephant ride we had to enlist the help of Mr. G. He went rather grudgingly and then surprised himself by having fun. Right up until the point that he and the other dad with us on ride duty had to share the back seat of a teeny weensy little helicopter so that Sweet Pea and Weezoo could sit in front with all the controls. OMG, I will just say that even though I know it means he will NEVER go back to the fair with me, the hysterical laughing jag that I participated in with my dear friend Emily was worth it. Mr. G. has sworn that bad things will happen if I post any of the "big guys in a little helicopter" photos on my blog. But WHAT-EVER. Why have a blog if not for immortalizing moments like these? I mean, after all, isn't this about the love that fathers have for their children? Love that trumps any hope you have of clinging to your dignity? Love that laughs in the face of maximum capacity warnings? Love that has actually nothing to do with cuddling your fraternity brother in the back of a stuffy plastic helicopter, and yet there you are...

The good people in the Ag Extension Barn would be thrilled to know that I'm counting on the valuable and interactive learning experience at the dairy cow display to answer a few questions come October about babies and nutrition. Sweet Pea is stoked to know that milk and other dairy products come from cows and goats. I bet you one hundred American dollars that she asks me at some point post baby if I can also make ice cream.

We did go back to the fair with grandma last night, and made our usual rounds. Man, there is a lot of REALLY BAD art out there. My top faves were, in order:

1) The painting of the hunter about to take have a poop in the woods, who has to make a tough decision between reaching for the toilet paper or his gun when a big elk wanders right in front of him.

2) The meticulously drawn, big enough to hang over your couch, incredibly realistic, man-that-must-have-taken-HOURS, expensively framed, bud light bottle.

3) The 2' x 3' acrylic painting done from some middle school kid's yearbook photo, where said kid has not combed his hair and is wearing a wrinkly Dr. Pepper t-shirt.

I have to say that the flower arrangements were kind of a disappointment this year. No one used a slinky OR any old car parts. The most exciting one had some big pieces of clear plastic incorporated. But other than that there wasn't even really anything to snark on.

The highlight of the evening was Sweet Pea "winning" a stuffed rose at a froggy fishing game. You would have thought she just won big on Millionaire. And coming in second was Grandma's gold star effort to take her on a ride. Not as funny as two dads in a helicopter. But just as uncomfortable for a long legged beauty such as my mother.

Anyway, I heart the fair. Last night I promised Sweet Pea that when she got big enough I'd take her on the fast rides. She'll be lucky to hit the height requirement for the Farris Wheel by high school. But someday...



Anonymous said...

I had to be in the dunk a punk for drillteam one year at the Idaho State Fair,like in 1971. A whole bunch of boys from my class where there, I got dunked, popped up out of the water, and my bathing suit top was around my waist. Can I just say that I am still hearing about that at high school reunions. I was totally traumatized. ha.

Mendy said...

Uh, I didn't really mean to be anonymous, I mean, I'm over it.

Miss Clover G. said...


Emily said...

I keep a list of Funniest Things I Have Ever Personally Witnessed that I replay in my head occasionally. The sight of two grown men crammed together in the backseat of a teensy cartoon helicopter in the interest of giving their daughters the best view has raced to the top of the list. I giggle uncontrollably whenever I think of it. It was so funny, and at the same time so touching. Perfect.