Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm starting to think this "Random Photo Tuesday" thing was a bad idea. Basically it just illustrates what a craptastic blogger I am.

Then again, random photos would probably be a lot better than random slices of my headspace today. I'll just be honest and tell you that I'm in a foul, foul mood. I don't even feel like apologizing for forgetting the HS dance picture. Again.

This is a picture taken by Sweet Pea. Not bad, eh?

This is a picture of Sweet Pea. Man, that girl is cute.

And this is a picture of my ginormous belly.

I got stopped on the street by a reporter earlier today. He wanted to know if I had a comment on the Larry Craig thing. I don't. It seems really sad to me on so many levels.



Mendy said...

You look pretty dang gorgeous there, Sweetheart.

Why is Sweet Pea in the dryer???

Clover said...

She was feeling slightly wrinkled?

I don't know really. She loves to help me fold clothes. And she's actually pretty good at it. Somehow, after having leaned waaaay in to get that last sock out, she pretty much always ends up crawling in there and laughing, laughing, laughing.

And then she gets out and empties the lint trap.

I swear I didn't train her to do laundry at age 3. She's just super domestic. Her favorite toys are her baby dolls, her play kitchen, and an assortment of Swiffers/vaccuums.