Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Today is Random Photo Tuesday!

Blast From the Past Picture Day!

Bad Scanning, But Who Cares? Show Us the Goods Day!

Ok, actually, it's I'm Probably Going to Sell My Wedding Dress on Craig's List Day. So I had to scan a picture of it, and a discussion about whether or not to sell it led some of my interweb girly friends to request to see the photos. So, here you go.

Mr. G and I will celebrate 9 years of wedded bliss in October. Given that, I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with how un-outdated our hair is.

Please forgive all the dust on the scanner.

This is the "here's the dress" picture that will go on Criag's list, sans Mr. G and my head. Would you buy that dress for $200? Alfred Angelo, size 10 (fits like an 8). No stains or tears.

This is just some pure schmoop. I heart that picture.

This is me and one of my two Dads. (Divorce, not gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.) I heart this picture a whole bunch too. My mom has one just like it of her and my grandfather. One of these days I'll frame them together.

This is my soon-to-be-new family, so as to show off the bridesmaid attire (on my SIL at the far right.) My other SIL was pregnant with my nephew in this picture. I remember shopping for her dress before she was even showing, and having to use one of those little pillows to see what it might look like by the wedding. We laughed at the prospect of her belly really sticking out like that. My nephew turned 8 in January. Le sigh...

Next Tuesday maybe I'll see if I can dig up an embarrassing HS dance photo. I know just the one.



Sara said...

Yes I would buy it for $200. It's very pretty & classy.

If I had a sparkly on my finger.

Sara Joy

Clover said...

Girl, I'd GIVE it to you in a heartbeat.

Emily said...

DON'T SELL IT. Keep it. Keep it keep it keep it. It is beautiful, and your offspring may want it. You can always change your mind later. Just my vote, since you axed.

Clover said...

Em, can I keep it at your house? LOL!