Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Today is cold and rainy. And so I'm officially in a Fall kind of mood. Which inspired today's Random Photo/Image. Hope you likey!



Rachel & Family said...

Hi...we both graduated from BK (I was '93) but I saw your cute blog and had to leave a comment. Your daughter is adorable. And I enjoyed reading your lists...good luck with the end of your pregnancy. I know when my daughter was 3, she was a challenge (to put it nicely). I hope yours takes it easy on you this next month!

Clover said...

Hi Rachel, glad you stumbled onto my blog. I'm gonna check yours out too, but from first glance it looks like you have a very sweet and beautiful little girl too.

We were only a year apart in school. (I'm class of '92.) I think your dad maybe had me sing you a song on Valentine's Day one year. (Choir fundraiser, not nearly as geeky as it sounds. Ok, I take it back. Geeky.) Does that sound familiar? :) It's hard to tell for sure from small pictures. Oh, right and like 15 years later. How did that happen?

Thanks for the encouragement. We're in the home stretch for sure...