Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Today’s random photo isn’t really that random. I wanted to introduce you to our pet, Tiny.

Tiny has been with us for the whole summer. Hanging out, eating disgusting things. Getting bigger and bigger. He lives above the front door of our house in the mountains. He’s allowed to live there because of all the little gnatty/mosquitoey things that are in his web every morning. (Not to mention the much larger mothy/grasshoppery/other spidery things in Tiny’s web. Tiny is, obviously, very adept at the catching dinner thing.)

Sweet Pea thinks that Tiny is cool. Mr. G is rather disinterested. Personally, I think I should get some kind of a badge of honor for being able to go in and out of the front door without hyperventilating or worse. I have a healthy respect for Tiny. Tiny probably looks at me like I’m dessert.

Mr. G is of the mind that Tiny is a girl, and one of these days we’ll arrive at Chalet Golightly to find Tiny is no longer, only to be cheered by her millions of offspring floating on their tiny wisps of web out into the wild blue yonder.

He’s sort of a romantic that way.


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