Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Today is cold and rainy. And so I'm officially in a Fall kind of mood. Which inspired today's Random Photo/Image. Hope you likey!


Monday, September 17, 2007

I am no Supergenius (but I know one!). However, there are a few things I know to be true. Here are today's top 10:

1) I have ZERO desire to engage in combat with a moving, or parked really, car. Not even one of those weird little European things that looks like a golf cart mated with a bicycle.

And so, I am baffled, BAFFLED I tell you, as to why the woman pushing the baby carriage chose to waltz out into traffic this morning as I made my way down 5th street. Even my three year old knows that when the red hand is lit and the light is green it means DON'T WALK. Plus lets pretend you didn't learn that as a preschooler. Wouldn't common sense tell you that when there is a mid sized SUV and a full sized Diesel truck coming at you at 30 MPH, it's probably a really good idea to keep your feet planted on the sidewalk?

2) Getting the Amy Winehouse rehab song stuck in your head is not only annoying, it's sure to get you a look or two when you start singing in Babies R' Us.

And by the way, Amy Winehouse. GO TO REHAB. Make yourself comfortable. Stay awhile. Yes, yes, yes.

3) Having a head cold when you are pregnant sucks Wookie. I mean, I know I'm just the host right now. But geeze, Baby Boy, could you spare yo mama a couple of good ass kickin' antibodies? I'm sure my being able to breathe would benefit us both.

4) Pink Eye is not sexy.

5) If you have problems that require you to contact Symantec Tech Support, you should probably just set your computer on fire and start over.

6) It doesn't matter how much butter you sauté them in, it doesn't matter how pretty Williams Sonoma makes them look in the "fall recipes" picture, it's not likely that your husband or your kids will eat turnips, parsnips and butternut squash. (But more for you, yea!) Next we test the theory with brussel sprouts.

7) When you get pregnant your ass is supposed to get big, and if yours doesn't there is something wrong with you. And I hate you a little bit.

8) If your husband has a single friend who gets sideline passes to important football games, has a golf handicap he can flash with the fingers on one hand, and generously hands over the keys to his sporty little BMW, you are screwed.

9) Cake for breakfast is good no matter what.

10) If your husband says to you when you are 35 weeks pregnant, "You know, there's a whole chapter in the hypnobirthing book about exercise and how important it is. You haven't really been exercising that much lately, have you?" It IS possible to hit him in the face so hard that your fist comes out the other side. But it's frowned upon to maim your Babydaddy. So, probably, don't do it. Unless he keeps pestering, and then by all means kick his ass. It's good exercise.

Happy Monday.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy Birth Day Mary Grace!!

And lots of love to her Mommy and Daddy who have been very patiently waiting for her to arrive for a very long time. Congratulations my friends!


Friday, September 07, 2007

A little fluff for Friday:

5 Things I Am Afraid Of:

Things I cannot put into writing because I am a mother and I just can't GO THERE
Skiing anywhere other than the bunny hill
Distance, resentment, dishonesty and regret seeping into my marriage

5 Fears I Have Conquered:

Skiing on the bunny hill
Being alone
Lighting the BBQ
Letting Sweet Pea do semi-dangerous-yet-age-appropriate things so that she'll learn for herself instead of everyone telling her to "BE CAREFUL" over every little thing

5 Things I Am Good At:

Being a mom
Being a friend
Karaoke (heh, admit it, you're jealous)
Telling stories

5 Things I Am Bad At:

Doing hair
Biting my tongue (figuratively, not literally)
Being on time
Good penmanship

5 Things I Want To Get Better At:

Remembering birthdays and being thoughtful enough to send cards and/or gifts
Not getting my feelings hurt so easily
Being a morning person
Asking for help

5 Things I Will Never Be Able To Do and Therefore Covet The Ability To Do Said Things In Others:

Distance Running
Being the touchy feely huggy friend
Anything to do with fashion and spending money on nice things for myself
Singing really, really, well
Traveling all over the world to exotic and semi dangerous places

5 Things I Wouldn’t Give Up, Not For Anything:

Flexibility in my job
My relationship with my mom
Custody of my child(ren)
Some things I have that belonged to my grandparents like photos, jewelry, some wooden trains, and a few little knickknacks
Being a girly girl

5 Things I Would Be Lying If I Told You I Wouldn’t Sell My Soul To Possess:

Lakefront Property
A flat stomach
A gourmet kitchen
New flooring throughout my house
That really “put together” look and air that some women possess

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Today’s random photo isn’t really that random. I wanted to introduce you to our pet, Tiny.

Tiny has been with us for the whole summer. Hanging out, eating disgusting things. Getting bigger and bigger. He lives above the front door of our house in the mountains. He’s allowed to live there because of all the little gnatty/mosquitoey things that are in his web every morning. (Not to mention the much larger mothy/grasshoppery/other spidery things in Tiny’s web. Tiny is, obviously, very adept at the catching dinner thing.)

Sweet Pea thinks that Tiny is cool. Mr. G is rather disinterested. Personally, I think I should get some kind of a badge of honor for being able to go in and out of the front door without hyperventilating or worse. I have a healthy respect for Tiny. Tiny probably looks at me like I’m dessert.

Mr. G is of the mind that Tiny is a girl, and one of these days we’ll arrive at Chalet Golightly to find Tiny is no longer, only to be cheered by her millions of offspring floating on their tiny wisps of web out into the wild blue yonder.

He’s sort of a romantic that way.