Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thank you so much for all the comments, emails, cards, packages etc! Today marks a month of being a mother of two. And it is wonderful, but as you can imagine a little bit crazy. I have so much to write about, no time to write it. About a billion times a day I think of something to post, if for no other reason just so I can remember it when my kids think they are too big for snuggling.

Ohmahgah, is there anything like holding your tiny baby on your chest while they sleep? Listening to them make those little squeaks and sighs, watching them curl their legs up underneath themselves like they were back in your belly. And thinking, someday this tiny person will be taller than me and wanting to borrow my car.

Sweet Pea is taking every bit of big sisterdom in stride. She rocks out in the helping department. And she loves to love on her "baby broder". And if she didn't already seem so grown up in comparison, today she heard, memorized and repeated (frequently) her first curse word. Ooops. But in all fairness, I really did hurt myself.

Anyway, I have lots more to say. But alas. For now pictures will have to speak those 1,000 words they are so famous for. More later, thanks for being patient.

Blissed out Clover