Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Golightly family is very blessed. We know this. And even when we were in the midst of what we like to refer to as, "The One Year Curse" we were learning daily lessons about blessings. Especially in the form of "you find out who your friends are." As it turns out our friends really rock. There was much rallying around us. Not much bailing.

So I hate to sound all whiny and angsty. Esp. right now when I have so much to be thankful for. But it's been a rough week. So you're just going to have to bear with me.

I already mentioned about the car wrecking. Which I am still SO. PISSED. about. I just shake my head and sort of growl when I think about how completely STUPID I was being. (Stopped at a red light, so I thought that it would be perfectly reasonable to read my power bill. HELLO! Toldja I deserved that inattentive driving citation.) I know that a million other people have done a million things just like that. But still. ARGH. My kids were in the car! Dumb. So I suppose the $600 check I am going to have to write, and the inconvenience of having my car in the shop for 3 days are completely karmic.

I haven't yet mentioned the other $3,000 I spent this week. Our poor dog...Irie. My first baby, the furry one. She's 8 years old and has slept between Mr. G and I just about every night of her life. There are several pictures of her sprinkled about here. She's a yellow lab. Showing her age by the white in her face. And showing her breeding in her sizable girth. I swear I only give that dog 2 cups of food a day, and very limited people food. Homegirl is a big'un. What am I gonna do? Anyway, she tore her ACL. It's been kind of a long time coming. I suspected it at the end of the summer. She would limp around after days hiking or swimming at the lake. So I took her to the vet and got a diagnosis of arthritis and a bottle of doggie vicodin. It got worse over the winter months, which everyone assured us was normal with arthritis and cold weather. And quite frankly, I was a little preoccupied. But Monday she jumped up, yelped, and was obviously in a lot of pain. So off we went to the vet, and I left in tears. I was certain that Mr. G was going to flip out over expensive surgery for a dog, much less an old dog. But he didn't. So Tuesday she goes in for some blood work and a teeth cleaning. I guess we ought to make sure she doesn't have a terrible disease before we pack her to Ketchum (i.e. Sun Valley for the non IdaHo's) for knee surgery with - are you ready for this - Dr. Randy Acker, who just so happens to be the best damn doggie joint surgeon in the entire universe. Isn't that lucky? He's less expensive that some of the other vets in the area too. So, win/win! But I am still super sad for my poor gimpy puppy dog, and a little freaked out about how the heck I'm going to come up with $3k during tax season. But, thank God for Visa I guess.

Next on the bankroll, my breast pump crapped out on me yesterday. Can you hear the "cha ching" noise yet? Our home PC skipped right over the blue screen of death and just flat blew UP. And I am pretty sure I screwed up my back in my little minor fender bender.


So say the Serenity Prayer for me, and focus some positive energy on the economy. It's making me very nervous. Especially since this week has been remnicent of the aforementioned year long curse.

I'm going to bed now. Tomorrow is another day...right?


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scarlett said...

I'm sayin a little prayer for you and miss irie. I can't believe the breast pump crapped out. I guess it almost made it through 4 kids. It'll get better. I can't believe you got all those layouts done. I am sooooo behind it is not even funny. I will catch up one year!