Thursday, April 03, 2008

From schmoopy to random. Ready for the ride?

1) I forgot how much I like shopping at Winco. If you have never shopped at a Winco, I shall explain. It is a regular grocery store, but it has adopted the warehouse store feel. No frills. Stuff packed the rafters. But they have a ton of variety, and their produce is always fabulous. Plus, they are pretty cheap. So I can get on board with that. The downside is that you are supposed to bag your own groceries. And that is hard to do with two small people in your cart.

I am pretty sure that I saw Justin Timberlake at Winco this morning. I think he may have a bad Meth habit. In fact, I think most of the people in the grocery store at 10AM today may have been on the Meth. Oddly enough.

Even odder, that I have enough thought and emotion about my choice of grocery store to write two entire paragraphs about it. When did I turn into a grownup?

2) Way cool site. Way cool blog. Way cool magazine. How have I not known about this until right now?? I can't WAIT to make shrinky dink rings. I wish I had time to enter the cute cupcake contest. Ahhh! So much fun, so little time.

3) I need a bigger car. And when I say "need" I mean want. And when I say "bigger" I mean Suburban.

I have been thinking and researching this ever since the realization hit that I would soon have 2 carseats taking up my entire backseat. I think I have a very valid reason for wanting/needing this gigantic car. Take, for example, last night. We have a friend in town from Portland. Mr. G picked friend up at his hotel and we all went to dinner. Getting everyone in the car required me to climb over one carseat, and then angle my hips so that I could slide between the mammoth things to the tiny patch of seat below. Forget wearing a seatbelt. Even if you could move your arms enough to reach it, you can't get to the buckle. And heaven forbid we should try this configuration with different players. Not that I'm super tiny, but I am wearing size 6 jeans today (que the chorus from Handel's Messiah), and even though I could get my butt on the seat, my knees were up near my shoulders.

So taking anyone with us to our place in the mountains requires multiple vehicles. A problem when, for example, my mom comes with us without my dad. Or when friends fly into town for a ski weekend. Or someday when the kids are old enough to want to take a friend. Or, you know, any number of other realistic situations that I'm sure are bound to arise over and over again. It's already been a problem 4 times this winter.

Hence the need for the 3rd row seating. I'm sure that everyone is thinking of the myriad of cars with 3rd row seating that aren't as big and gas guzzling as a Suburban. So true. However, all those cars loose all but like 6 inches of cargo space when the third row is in use. So now where does the dog ride? And how about the mindboggling amount of stuff we seem to take with us every time we go up there?

How about a MiniVan you say? Well. That's a purchase rife with complications. The main one being that it's not safe to haul our boat unless the vehicle doing the hauling is built more like a truck than a car. And not only that, but there is the business of "The MiniVan Act of 1998" which states that we will NEVER EVER EVER own a minivan. There is a fanny pack addendum to the MiniVan Act of 1998. But that's a different post. I tried to broach the MiniVan subject not long ago and I am pretty sure Mr. G immediately got up and called an attorney about breach of contract.

So, anyway. I need this bigger car. But my inner tree hugger is just cringing at the thought of buying one. Not to mention the very outward part of me that paid $3.29 for gas on Tuesday. Feh.

I have crushing SUV guilt. Crushing. As evidenced by the ridiculously long justification I just typed out for my big car longing. And then today, out of nowhere came this angry voice from the clouds that said, "You are not a bad person because a bigger car would make your life a lot easier!"

And I was like, "YEAH!" I mean, duh. I would love to drive a Prius, but my shiznit is just not going to fit in the damn thing. So I'm absolving myself of SUV guilt and directing more anger at Big Oil and the automotive industry.

BUILD SOMETHING BETTER PEOPLE!! And please hurry. Thank you.

4) Oh hell. I forgot what 4 is. You've probably stopped reading anyway.


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scarlett said...

Okay we have breached both acts ie: having previously owned a minivan and the fanny pack rule (we used it at Disneyland). You have to have somewhere to put that stuff when you no longer have a diaper bag or stroller! Does that make us total geeks?