Monday, April 14, 2008

His Royal Highness turned 6 months old on Friday. This morning he was sitting on my bed (Sitting up! By himself!) laughing and laughing, and I was thinking that Sweet Pea was like that as a baby. Really happy and smiley all the time. Wasn’t she? Didn’t she smile? Heh. It’s so weird how you think you’ll never forget all those moments. And then you just do. Not the forgetting that can be recalled by a certain sound or smell or place either. It’s like, complete mind erasure. It reminds me to take pictures, and get out the video camera, and write more in my blog about my chirrens.

So here’s a little bit about Sweet William at six months old. First and foremost, he is so happy! Last night he was even laughing in his sleep. And, OMG, that smile. That smile just melts me. The spontaneity and sincerity of it. Not to mention the toothless cuteness. Yesterday Mr. G was carrying him in the front pack while we went on a walk. Whenever Will would catch sight of either me or his big sister he would just beam at us with a look of pure adoration. Perfection!

He is also just really, easy. Mellow. Go with the flow. Loves to take naps. Love to snuggle and cuddle. Will eat anything. Really, anything. He spends a lot of time being pretty ticked off at me because I won’t let him eat everything in fact. He has recently discovered his feet. Those are cool. And he is starting to try to pick small things up with his hands – desperately trying to grasp Cheerios is more like it. He plays with intensity. Really focusing on his tasks. Touching things, biting things, kicking things, pushing buttons, crinkling crinkly things, opening openey things…Mirrors are one of his favorite toys. Every night after his bath we play, “Who is that baby?” First in the bathroom mirror, then in the hall mirrors, then in his dresser mirror. Each time I say, “Who is that baby??” He cracks UP. Which involves not just laughing, but squealing and blowing raspberries too.

He sings. He hollers. He gets SO excited when the dog is around. And he loves his big sister. She can always make him smile just by talking to him or holding his hand. (She’ll say, “What’s up little dude?” And he will beam.)

He’s getting some teeth, which started out kind of rough. But seems to be Ok now. He’s back to sleeping peacefully all night long. He pulls my hair really hard sometimes and I have to tell him, “No thank you!” He pulls Sweet Pea’s hair too, but I have her convinced that it is an act of love and adoration. So she’s mostly Ok with it.

The only time he screams his head off is in the grocery store. Natch.

We have a 6 month checkup coming up. So I’ll post his stats and a few pictures later this week.


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