Friday, May 02, 2008

I just met Jane Wooster Scott! I have always liked her paintings, so I am a little starstruck. She did a painting of the historic Children's Home in celebration of their 100 Year Anniversary. I am on the BOD for The Children's Home Society, so I was at a press conference today where the painting was on display. I was oohing and ahhing over it to a beautiful blonde lady, and she said, "Thanks!" and then proceeded to tell me about painting it. And also painting Oprah's house. I tried to play it cool, but I think I may have been a little dorky.

These are a couple of paintings, in case you are not familiar with her name. (I think everyone recognizes her work though...she's very prolific.)

Anyhoo. That was cool. My list of famous people encounters grows:
The Governator - back when he was just Aaahnold and hung out in Eye-dee-hoo more
John Larroquette
George Stephanopolis
Herb Ellis
Susan Estrich
Big Head Todd (whose head is not all that big really)
Joe Theisman
Mark Shelereth
Jane Wooster Scott (waaaaaay better than Mark Shelereth!)

And in related news, a picture of me and my chillins appeared in the newspaper today on a circular for the Children's Home Society's week of Centennial events. Which would be cool if I didn't look like I had a fat roll hanging out over the top of my jeans. But at least I'm holding the baby in the photo. I like to think of him as a giant flashing neon sign that reads, "Someday I'll fit back into my jeans."


Have I gushed about Anthropologie yet? We just got one here in the City of Trees, and ohmigah. I could light a visa card on fire in that place. The kitchen towels are so pretty they make me weepy. I have $50 from my birthday that I'm going to use to buy these cool little juice glasses.

Except, of course, we are going to repurpose them as extra sturdy/no tippy wine glasses. Cause that's how we roll.


I also don't think I have appropriately fast talked about how excited I am about tonight. I get to have a girls night out!! Except instead of going out and getting our cute on, we're staying in and getting our craft on! (I am So. Old.) Tonight marks the first of what we hope to be a monthly "Ho-Made Night". I am bringing wine, chocolate, and my laptop so I can get caught up on Sweet William's baby book. And maybe knock out a few pages on the ABC Book that I am working on for Sweet Pea. I will post the fruits of my endeavors tomorrow in honor of National Scrapbooking Day.

Until then, Au revoir! And if you are so moved by my writing that you'd like to shower me with prezzies, may I suggest an Anthropologie gift card.


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