Thursday, May 01, 2008

These pictures are all on our Shutterfly site with captions, but I'm too lazy to retype them all...

If you were wondering if it's possible to party like a pre-school rock star, then I am here to tell you that yes, yes it is. We spent Sunday freebasing cupcakes in an attempt to recover from the sugar crash with a little hair of the dog.

My recollection of the entire Fete involves words like "chaos", and "sticky". But the guests have assured me that they had a very nice time. And I suppose, as I am the only attendee who will be vacuuming tiny heart shaped glitter out of her carpet for the next year, I may be remembering things slightly differently than everyone else. But even so, it was Good Times.

Sweet Pea was positively frantic about decorating Saturday morning. She has been doing this thing lately where she wants to reorganize and clean things. Which is all at once cute, and slightly scary in that "What have I done to her" kind of way. Seriously, before the present extravaganza, her favorite toy had been a Swiffer duster. I guess OCD is genetic. But anyway she and I had things Just. So. And it was all very cute and pink and Princessey. Natch. (And so, I may have freaked out just a tad when I realized that my FIL was playing show and tell with a set of turkey feet in my entryway as guests arrived. That's right. I said turkey feet. As in, the detached, purple, floppy, claw like FEET from a dead turkey. OMG, I can feel the freakout coming on again...)

Sweet Pea reports that her favorite gift is the new Baby Annabelle doll that cries real tears*. But she is also pretty stoked about her big girl bike, her real actual wireless internet accessing laptop, her dollhouse, the big girl doll with pretty red hair, the princess Barbie type things, all of the coloring supplies, the books we have been reading every night, etc. etc. etc. Good swag.

*And if you employ a technique that probably warrants a visit from dolly CPS, you can also make her SOB gallons of real tears. Wheeee!

The actual birthday was Monday, and when I asked her what she wanted for a birthday dinner she said, "Chinese" like she was a 30 year old city girl making the nightly decision between take out joints. So Chinese it was, and she charmed the entire staff with her, "It's my birthday!" and "I'm four now!" routine.

I am doing that mom thing where I am all kinds of bewildered about how on EARTH she could be four already. And I had this very surreal moment on Sunday morning when I looked at her naked little form (as she invited herself into my bubble bath) and saw her grow up right before my eyes. I had to go immediately downstairs and get out her baby book so I could remember her birth day, and the weeks and months that followed.

I love you Sweet Pea! Thank you for giving me the chance to find out how much I adore being your Mommy.



Dixie said...

Chaos? Sticky? CUPCAKES??

My kind of party. So my kind of party.

Anonymous said...

Pin the kiss on the frog and lovely cakes! The Seattle princess party was hilarious, about a million little princesses and some rowdy boys mixed in. Princess Giselle's wig looked a little like it had flown into the punch bowl a few times, and she broke character once to say she found her dress at Value Village (nooo, really?). I was informed by one savvy five year old that Princess Giselle was a clown at the last party she went to. It too was sticky chaos and cupcakes, with a rabbit thrown in. Aunty M.