Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I'm eeking in some Random Photo Tuesday snaps just under the wire. (Blogger resides in a different time zone apparently!) Some snaps from my fabulous Mother's Day Brunch to be Envious of. There were more of me sitting at the table eating my weight in chocolate and mimosas, but I left those out for everyone's benefit.

This was supposed to be a family picture, but Sweet Pea flat out refused to participate. Behind us is JR Simplot's house, which I left in the picture as a lil tribute to the Potato King who passed away this week.

My gorgeous mom.

Sweet William chillin' in his Little Man getup.

Look how happy he is to be sitting with his daddy!

3 generations of Moms, and the little monkeys who made the day something special.


scarlett said...

Ahhh, Those baby blues are gonna break some hearts!

Annie said...

wow, your mom is gorjus. Almost as pretty as you are m'dear. But if I'm being totally honest, your lovely sweet pea takes the cake!

Clover said...

Awww. Thanks! :) You should see my lovely Aunties. It's a family of beauties I tell you. My mom and her sisters have the most incredible skin. It's the one thing in the world that makes me sad to be adopted...

Beege said...

That last picture is a treasure! I never got to have a pic like that--my grandma died long before Nea was ever born.

You look good for eating your weight in chocolate. And mimosas don't count--they have orange juice, and orange juice is healthy. ;)