Friday, June 20, 2008

I love free stuff. I mean, useful free stuff. Not the crap you get a tradeshows and conferences. We do not need any more stress ball squeezy toys with Your Company's Logo Here. Thankyouverrymuch. But free fonts make me drool**.

So here are three links to some sites where you can download free fonts for your scrapping/crafting pleasure. I just downloaded about 30, and would love to spend about 12 hours downloading more. I love fonts.

Moorstation - this one has lots of beautiful gothic and scripted fonts as well as some fun dingbats.



Creamundo and DaFont probably have quite a bit of overlap, but it looks like Creamundo has a lot more fonts, and I liked how they were organized by style on DaFont. So both are little treasure troves. Says me.

**Free fonts also confuse me to no end, because I had to design a font for an art class in college, and it was hard work. I wouldn't be doing that for fun. And I wouldn't be giving it away. Then again my professor for that particular class was a hateful shrew, and that may have colored my font designing experience. Maybe. And it probably also explains my deep hatred of balsa wood.

Shudder... OK. Back to my happy place. (And in her defense, I had Dragonlady for a textile class my senior year and she praised my work repeatedly and said I was talented even when my final project - a silk kite - literally disintegrated and had to be scotch taped together for the critique.)

Moving on.

I made a little pillowcase dress for Sweet Pea a couple weeks ago. I'm not a seamstress by any stretch. But I do own a sewing machine. And I can do the basics. So I was delighted that this little project was a perfect match for my skill level. The pillowcase was purchased at Saint Vincent De Paul for exactly half of $2.50. (My niece is getting the other pillowcase dress for her birthday.) And I found very easy to follow instructions at the Red Instead Blog.

The basics are that you measure your child from the shoulders to hemline, then cut the top off the pillowcase to make your dress the proper length. (Which is up to you, obviously.)

Then you cut a J shape for each armhole. They suggested 3" for smaller children, 4" for larger. I think I went with the 4" size even though Sweet Pea is only as big as a minute and it was perfect.

The next step involves sewing, and as I am a novice, I think you should read the instructions I linked to at this point.

For the ties you can either use ribbon or fabric. If you use ribbon, make sure you get some of that no fray stuff for the ends. (You probably knew that though, right? I was lucky enough to remember my friend Stacey's ballet recital horror story from a couple of years back and picked some up when I bought the ribbon and thread.)

And voila! Sew cute. ;-)



Anonymous said...

Very cute (and how long in your life can you fit into a pillowcase???) but you are scaring me a little now.
Aunty M.

Tales from the Crib said...

OH MY! That is so adorable and sweet. Think the kids on the playground would make fun of my boys if I made them both pillowcase shifts?! I kid. That is really adorable, and I bet she looks adorable in it!

ps - Thanks for visiting my blog!

Clover said...

Not if they were SPIDERMAN pillowcase shifts!!! LOL

And yeah. M thinks that maybe I'm about to go all compound in Texas on him... ;-)


Anonymous said...

I was kind of thinking Texas compound.
Giant puff sleeves aren't starting to look good to you, are they?

Clover said...

Nope. But I was thinking maybe I should grow my bangs into a big Elvis bouffant thingo...