Monday, July 14, 2008

Heeellloooo Monday.

Well. Maybe, as it is 4:52, I should be saying "Sooooo Looooong Monday." But since the day didn't exactly fly by for me, that doesn't seem appropriate.

I need a little mental stretch after a day of tedious spreadsheet work. And a lemon slush from Sonic. Oh Sonic, how I hate to love thee. Or love to hate thee. Or something. Mmmm. A lemon slush and a chili cheese dog. Yeah...

I think I'm on day two of a hard earned hangover. Previously mentioned wedding = beautiful, which turned into fun, which afterpartied into I-am-too-old-for-this. But a good solid hangover once a year or so is good for reminding you that you really still CAN party like its 1999, and yet you really shouldn't. Right? Mr. G. says I had a LOT of fun. And promises that I didn't act like an idiot. So I say my 5 star hangover was well worth it.

My tedious spreadsheet work did result in a little gem worthy of some bloggushing. I love photography, but I am not particularly versed in it. So before today I was not familiar with Magnum Photos or the collective of photographers that contribute to this elite group. But you know what GI Joe would say. Knowing is half the battle. And I am better for knowing. So I share.

The above link will take you to the Magnum in Motion project, where images are edited with sound and sometimes video to create short documentaries/photo essays. They are in turn beautiful and gripping and sad. I was especially touched by the piece titled Alaska: An Unveiled Secret by Alex Majolie. It is about the survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic Priests in the 1960's - 1980's. Which is a topic I like to torture myself with reading about as previously demonstrated. It's not a story that has a Disney ending. But I think the story needs to be told again and again. And the photography is, of course, amazing.

Tomorrow it won't be Monday anymore!

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