Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I am having a Very. Weird. Morning.

So weird.

It started out normal enough. But then on my way to the gym I hit a deer. As in, with my car. A block from my house. In the middle of a city**. On a Tuesday morning.

**Ok, maybe not the middle of the city. And, Ok. Smallish city. But STILL. Not exactly Bambi habitat.

I am vacillating between "Oh no! That poor deer!" and "WTF??? Don't we have an AGREEMENT with the deer? Aren't they supposed to be in the mountains right now?"

The deer, for those of you who are concerned for her well being, ran away and hopped a fence. So, I'm sure she's probably got an injury. Maybe a bad bruise on her back leg. But I don't think it was life threatening.

My car, however. You know, the car that just had $2k worth of work done on the front end because I had my first ever car accident. That car. Big dent. Big huge hoof shaped dent. (The deer sort of kicked the car.) And oddly enough, a bunch of deer hair all over the hood...


And then, post Gym I stopped at Kinkos, and all the employees were huddled in a corner passing a hat around trying to collect $50. Because, are you ready? They somehow were in possession of a tazer. And one of the Fed Ex drivers said he would let them tazer him for $50.

Seriously. Weird. Morning.

And in honor of that weirdness, here is a random photo.

This is my grandparents, my dad, and my aunt Kathy. Taken at Christmas, 1945.


scarlett said...

Okay sorry but that is seriously funny...only you would hit a deer on a Tuesday morning. You would think I would have a greater chance of hitting a deer or at least a cow, which by the way I have seen a few stray ones on the way to work before. Sorry for your car though!

Beege said...

Damn! You know, your insurance would probably rather you just went out and bought a new car, rather then slowly but surely replacing every piece of the old one. ;)

My mom put a huge ding in our rental van this week. She ran into a retaining wall, and was all, "What's that sound? It's like something grinding against metal..." That, mother dear, is the sound of YOUR insurance rates going up, because we're so not running that through ours.

Cars are fun. Funfunfun.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad this was not more serious. Still, horrible for you, but thank goodness it was a hoof mark and some hair.
Aunty M.

Clover said...

I keep driving by the spot where it happened expecting a forrest to magically appear. But nope. Just houses and yards. It's not even that close to the river right there. So weird.

I'm really glad it wasn't more serious too. I was going about 40, with Will in the car. And I am SO glad that Sweet Pea was not with me, as there would be 84,000 questions about the incident. And also some reprimands for Mommy's choice of surprised exclaimations.

I guess if the baby's first word is the f bomb we know where he learned it. Ooops.