Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Remember how I said that summer was about to kick into full gear? I hope when you see the dust and cobwebs accumulating here you picture me outside enjoying the sunshine. :)

But I did steal a little time yesterday to work on a crafty project. And in the process learned a new photoshop trick. My G-Maffia sister in the bond, Angela at Mom-E-Memoirs, gets a gold star for pointing me in the right direction via her blog. Angela got the step by step photoshop instructions from the blog of a super talented lady, Jessica Sprague. I'm not going to re-key them, because it seems like Jessica should get all the proper credit. But if you want to make your photos pop too, check out these Photoshop and Photoshop Elements friendly instructions at the Sprague Lab Blog

Here is my before photo - taken in July of 2006 at Pike's Market in Seattle. I have always liked this photo, so how cool that I get to make it better!!

And here is my after photo - it was so easy to make this more vibrant!

Woohoo! I'm one step closer to overcoming my Photoshop ignorance. Thanks for the link Ang!

And here's a little peek at my crafty project...It's going to be an ABC book for Sweet Pea. I wanted to have it done for her birthday but stalled after only getting 9 letters done. It's back on top of my artsy priority list now.



jmac said...

Next time you're down this way, we're SO going to have a lil photoshop class. You could learn the whole shebang in a few hrs.
Hint: shadow/highlight tool

makes all the difference in the world!!

Beege said...

Photoshop scares me. I try to use it, and I pretty much never know what I'm doing. I'm most efficient with the "undo" tool. ;)

I love the idea of that book for SP. The little rhymes are fun, too. You're so dang creative!

Clover said...

Janey...you're making me drooooool....

Would that help the overexposure on my face? I didn't like that part, but I was in a hurry.

Slacker Mama said...

How are you doing the book? In photoshop?

That's about the cutest thing evah!

Clover said...

I'm creating the 8" x 8" pages in Photoshop Elements, and then I'm going to make the book on Shutterfly. They have a ton of templates you can use if you're not a designer type. Or, you can choose the "print your digital scrapbook" option and upload your own images. I'm reallly excited to get it done!

AngMomof3 said...

Okay. LOVE your ABC book! I WAAAANT ONE!!!!! Now if I only had the time to make it...

And nice work on the photo-- love the colors. Sorry about the late reply on your Q at my blog... "ShaZam? Oh, you go to Jessica Sprague's awesome site and go through her tutorial...". Yeah. Got it.

BTW-- we should take a Jessica Sprague online class together to learn more about PSE. They're really great classes.

And lastly... did you notice who the other comment was from on my "ShaZAM!" post??? You and one other person... did you SEE WHO COMMENTED ON MY BLOG????????? AHHHHHHHHH!