Thursday, July 10, 2008

The summer is officially in full tilt mode for us. I feel like we came to the game a little late, so y'all are probably way ahead of me. We just got the boat in the water last weekend. Last night was our first Wednesday dinner on the lake. And we haven't even been to the beach at the cabin yet. But never fear. The calendar is filling up with plenty of opportunities for fun.

This weekend is a wedding of a former work colleague of mine, who just happens to be one of Mr. G's fraternity brothers. (Viva la Delta Chi!) I'm desperately trying to get a sitter so I can stay late enough to eat cake and dance like an idiot. Woo!

Then next week my friend CooLisa and her rockstar husband (who's nickname, thanks to the wild and crazy MizJMac, is not suitable for my PG-13 blog) are bringing their family to our place in the mountains for a long weekend. I'm so very excited about this, as they are exceptionally fun and wonderful people. And their sweet children adore and entertain my kids. Plus, for some reason, their kids think I'm like super interesting and cool. Which is kind of awesome. They will be here in town the whole next week visiting family, so I'm sneakily trying to occupy more of their time. Or not so sneakily inviting myself along on their family time. I'll let you know how that works out. This will be a dry run for our 4 family vacation extravaganza to Mexico in November. Which I am, understandably, so excited about I can barely even utter the words Puerto Vallarta without getting all weepy. Heh. Did I mention we're taking a Nanny with us? Ooohhh. I can feel the waterworks coming...

Ahem. Soooo...

The following weekend is a family reunion at Mr. G's family's ranch in North Central Idaho. The cousins are positively vibrating with excitement over a whole weekend together at Gigi and Papa's house. And thanks to Cafe Press our requisite reunion wear is going to be cool. (OMG, I am ADDICTED to making things for Cafe Press. Just so you know. If you need a t-shirt, I'm your girl.) Check these I made for the people who happen to be at the family reunion by marriage, not blood:


And THEN - can you beeeelieeeve it? More fun! More excitement! And then the first weekend in August is a leetle girl weekend at our cabin. I'm going away OVERNIGHT. I feel like I'm having my first ever slumber party. I'm going to venture to guess that the vast majority of the readership of this blog already knew about this. Since like half of you are coming. If the rest of you want to come too let me know. The only rules are no boys, no kids. So far it's just local girls, plus Miss Beege who is driving from Washington. It should be low key. Relaxing. Heavenly. I'm planning to lie on the beach, lie on the couch, lie around the deck, eat a lot, drink some good wine, watch chick flicks, and laugh until I can't breathe. Um. Yeah. Wonderful.

And then after that I have jury duty. Buzzkill.

But then in September I fly to Spokane for a wine weekend with my girls CLisa and Wiwwa. The weekend itself should be fabulous. But right now the best part is that until just a few days ago Mr. G thought we were going to Napa Valley, California. Heh. We're driving to Yakima, Washington. So, you know. Not quite.

Of course, I made some wine weekend gear for our little group at Cafe Press:

And then it's almost October and Sweet William will be one year old. How did that happen?

I heart summer. Every crazy, hectic, sun kissed second of it.

~Clover, who (shhhhh...) has a tan!


Slacker Mama said...

Boats? Cabins? Beaches? Ranches? T-shirts devoted to wine drinking?

I *so* want to be your new best friend.

scarlett said...

So, since I am with you on most of these adventures I too can feel the waterworks coming. I am a little bummed since I miss girl weekend but we will definitely plan another. I must confess that I have been doing some Mexico planning....I can't wait. I totally live for vaca! heart, your fellow outlaw!

Sara Joy said...

Hi! I'm coming out of lurker mode to make this very important point.

When you say "Did I mention we're taking a Nanny with us?" does that mean you are LOOKING for a nanny?

Cause, you know, I could probably take a break from the world of high finance and come out of nanny-retirement ;)

And that offer is always open- not just for your sweet ass PV trip.

Sara Joy

Sara Joy said...

PS- you have SUCH a fun life!!! I love having exciting things on the calendar to look forward to....

Clover said...

Slacker - you're in! :) Most of my favorite people I met on the interweb.

Scarlett - I am super bummed you can't come to girl weekend. But we WILL have another. And another. And another.

SJ - too bad you're so far away because I desperately need a babysitter for Saturday night. :) But I am totally going to remember that offer girl. You would be the nanny/interpreter/tour guide extraordinare!

Clover said...

Wait...did SJ just say that *I* have a fun life??? LOLOLOLOLOL. Girl. I mean, it's definately a good life. But you, YOU have an amazing life. You could have your own show on the travel channel.

Beege said...

Snort--no chit! But: the grass is always greener, right?

So, if y'all are going wining in Yakima, you'd probably also better swing by the wineries around here. M would be our designated. ;)

And girls weekend just keeps sounding better and better and better...laying around, laying around, laying around, interspersed with drinking wine and laughing? Sah-weet.

Hey--do you want me to bring Juno? Or do you think it could cause some young girl to want to get pregnant? ;)

Kristy said...

About a year ago, the Mayer fam abandoned "city life" and moved to Genesee. It's likely you only know about G-town because of their annual crab feed, but you'd be amazed at how many people ask us if we farm, just because we live in Genesee. I laugh and tell them that we're "city folk" because we live in town.

Rambling aside, did you know that Genesee has a wine bar? And that I am an employee of said establishment? Yeah, it's tough work. They're only open Thursday - Saturday, and I take a couple evenings a month. I get to, uh, sample (wink, wink) while I'm there, and while I don't get paid an hourly wage, I do get paid in the form of a bottle of wine of my choice for each evening I work! And, Jason and I get half-off of everything that we purchase there on nights when I don't work. The tips aren't that great (the last time I worked, I think I got $3, but some nights have got up to $50, which ain't bad for Mayberry) but seriously, am I there for the tips?

I really have to use the term "work" very loosely here. How can you call it work when you get to go have wine, likely with a good friend or two and bring a bottle home on an evening when you didn't have to bathe and put your kids to bed?

It's the coolest kind of "night off" arrangement I could think of for a mama like me!