Tuesday, July 01, 2008

This is going to sound kind of crazy, given that I haven't posted here in a week. But I'm contrubuting on another blog! I mentioned it a couple weeks ago, it's called >The Kitchen Mirror. It's a food blog that several of my girlfriends are posting to. I added my first post today, with recipies from the brunch I hosted on Sunday to celebrate Sweet William's Baptism. So check it out! :)

And since it's Tuesday...

A family picture. This is Mr. G's side of the family.

Sweet Pea getting her hair cut short.

Sweet William about to take off crawling...I think it will happen any day now.

Note the return of the pink galoshes. She thought she should wear them to run in the sprinkler.



Calli said...

Kato! Your dear husband just shared your blog with me. I am enjoying it to the fullest!! I feel like I am getting to know my friend all over again. I love you and miss you.

Clover said...

I'm so sorry! I thought for sure I'd sent this link before. Then again, it's always a little wierd inviting people to read your innermost thoughts on the interweb. :) I'm glad you're here, and would love an update on life in PDX.

Beege said...

Nea and SP have the same haircut. Linnea keeps asking for long hair, but two things prevent it:

1)My mother HATES long hair, and will sneak Nea off for a haircut (drives me INSANE, but what can you do?)


2) Linnea hates having her hair combed/brushed. So we go with the short hair.

I love little girls with bobs. SO cute.