Monday, August 04, 2008

I am so freaking embarrassed at my neglect of this blog. I can’t even really think up a good reason why. And at one point I was actually keeping a list of things to write about…someday….

So, no excuses. Except for that we have been having lots of fun. Family and otherwise.

This past weekend was my “Girls Only” trip to the mountains, and it was wonderful. I can’t say that there is any one thing that warrants an entire blog post. But, you know, it was girl weekend. There was laughing, and relaxing, and shopping, and brownies and butterscotch s’mores, and chocolate with bacon in it. (Really!) And red wine. Oh, and also the most fabulous dirty martini that I have ever had in my life. So yum.

It’s funny how girl weekends are so organic in nature. We had no plan. No itinerary. I didn’t even plan a menu or grocery shop until we got there. (So unlike me!) And yet it felt like there wasn’t enough time to do it all. We needed a week, but after two days we were ready to hold our husbands and our babies again. Someday I’ll convince Mr. G to load the kids up and come to me in paradise instead of heading back down the hill of reality. Le sigh.

Our shopping excursion resulted in a couple of share worthy finds. I bought a pair of shoes that were totally out of the price range in which I usually shop. (Breathe. Breathe.) It made me realize that I am totally CHEAP. And that good, comfortable shoes are something worth paying for. I bought these Dansko Giselle shoes in red:

***Blogger seems to be having some trouble with image uploads right now. I'll try again later, but you can see them here if you're that interested.***

I am wearing them today with a denim skirt. So far I have successfully shushed the voice in my head that is saying “only children and whores wear read shoes.” Because how lame is that? Red shoes rock. I have a mental picture of me in comfortable jeans and a sweater this winter. On my feet are stripey socks and these shoes. I think I look great in that J. Crew meets Grateful Dead meets Dorothy Gale kind of way. Plus they are cute sockless. Even though sockless is a personal boundary stretcher for me.

Uh, I mean, I am uncomfortable going sockless with closed toe shoes. Because of the whole sweaty feet thing. I don’t mean like the lady I saw today who was wearing a short skirt, high heeled sandals, and those little ankle bootie nylons. But she wasn’t speaking English, so we are just going to chalk that up to cultural differences.

I also bought The Apron Book because I have a newfound obsession with cute vintage looking aprons, and I am constantly saying, “I could SO make that.” Which is either evidence that I am cool and creative. Or just further evidence that I am cheap. Whatevs.

And I got a bunch of ideas for cute wall hangings I could make using pictures from my grandmother’s scrapbooks. Again, creative? Or just too cheap to buy things made by other people? Hmm.

The really good news here is that I have been toying with the idea of doing a giveaway here. And I think that in the next few days I’ll be giving away either an apron, or a totally awesome if not original vintage photo wall hanging.

Are you all a-tingle? Good!

In the meantime, I posted a recipe for Cedar Plank Salmon on The Kitchen Mirror. We had that for dinner on Friday and everyone loved it. (Well, everyone who ate it. We had a vegetable-arian with us. She does not eat anything that once had a mother. Which I find both noble and terrifying. And has resulted in me obsessing about having a few more meatless meals in my summer cooking repertoire.) Anyway, this recipe always makes people think I am far more skilled in the kitchen than I really am. So you should try it and let everyone tell you how amazing you are too.



Slacker Mama said...

Oooo! The girls weekend sounds like fun! My college girlfriend plans fizzled because everyone keeps getting pregnant.

I broke down and got a pair of Dansko clogs last winter and love them. Though they are super comfy; they really aren't at all cute. And this summer I bought some Rainbow flip-flops ($45 for flip-flops...ACK!) but seeing as I wear them pretty much every day, it was well worth the investment.

Clover said...

Yeah, I'm justifying by the dollars per wear method.

We had a recently pregnant person bail on us too. It's hard to be fun in your first tri-mester. However, there was a 2nd trimester preggo on this trip. And I did a whole girl week last year pregnant. And very, very, SOBER. LOL.

I keep meaning to ask you what sorority you were in by the way. I'm a Gamma Phi Beta. (G-maffia.)

Anonymous said...

Clover, you have been wanting some maryjanes like that for, oh, forever. I am wearing sandals that cost, oh, I don't know, lots. And, when you order from Zappos, at say a little after 5:00 p.m., when everyone has left the office but you, they will be waiting for you on your porch when you arrive home the next day. What is not to love about that?
Aunty M.

Clover said...

I know! (With Monica Geller-Bing emphasis.) I should have just gone ahead and stolen your Mary Janes instead of enduring 2 years of shoe longing. But these are pretty cute.

Beege said...

I'm totally getting ready to sit down to my own personal cedar plank salmon dinner. The only thing I did differently than you on Friday night was I also marinated the veggies in the Italian dressing.

We'll see how it goes.

Red shoes TOTALLY rock. ;)

Tales from the Crib said...

Oh my, those shoes are soooo luftly! I am madly in love with my Danskos (I've got 3 pairs that I like to brag about, though 2 pairs are identical, just 4 years difference in wear-n-tear). Anyhow, I'll be looking into those cutie-pie shoes for this fall!! I love the idea of branching into red, too, as I'm a black or brown girl myself. Sounds like a very fun weekend -- good for you!! Always fun catching up on your blog! Oh yes, and I bought a cute little vintage-style cupcake print apron on my girls weekend a few months ago. It channels my inner June Cleaver! Love it!