Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I’m feeling so…I don’t know. Un Me right now. It’s not all bad though. It’s partly about trying new things. But other parts are just kind of funky. As in, in-a-funk-y. Not like groovalicious. Maybe it’s the changing seasons or something. We have had some very uncharacteristically cool days here. Fall doesn’t usually start to creep in until mid October in these parts. Perhaps I’m in early mourning over the end of summer. (It will be hot again in a few days and then I can bitch about that instead.)

But anyway. Yeah. Who is this girl? Why don’t her pants fit? How come she is feeling sort of insecure and snappish? And who knew she would like to sew so much?


My kids aren’t sleeping well these days. Fortunately, they seem to pick alternate nights. Fortunately, because if they were both in my bed at the same time I am quite sure we would have to make a trip to the ER. It’s like my husband passed along some weird ninja DNA strand that causes people to kick box in their sleep. I don’t enjoy a roundhouse to the face at 3:00 a.m., even if it is only a cute little chubby baby foot.

But I will admit that there is something really gratifying about having them crawl into our bed and fall instantly asleep. Just knowing that you provide them with that level of comfort and security. And they are pretty sweet when they get all snuggly with us.

For about 15 minutes anyway. And then, inevitably, I get punched in the face.

Mr. G is amazingly adept at sleeping through all of the hubbub. In fact, Mr. G is amazingly adept at sleeping through his alarm clock. Friday morning Mr. G was lucky not to be picking pieces of his alarm clock out of his nether regions. But that is another story altogether.

We had a scary night at our house yesterday. There was a very big fire near us. Apparently 9 houses were burned to the ground, and 10 more were damaged. A woman died in her home. The neighborhood – the whole city really – is kind of reeling today. Very sad.

We were never in danger, but it was close enough that all the emergency crews were going right past our house and driving home we could see flames. Sweet Pea was pretty freaked out. I am actually shocked that it was the baby, and not her, that ended up in our bed last night. I guess real fear doesn’t cause bad dreams. Just imaginary monsters.

But it was scary, and my heart goes out to the people who lost their homes. And to the family of the woman who was killed.



Anonymous said...

Ah, Clove. You da bomb. The truncated summer is a bit of a bummer and that fire is just scary. You're okay.

Anonymous said...

I saw the fire on the news last night - and I'm glad you and your fam weren't in it's blazing trail.

Some other friends and I have kind of deduced that August is "Funk Month" - because just about everyone has some kind of situation that's throwing them off a little bit. If that's the case, well then I'll be shouting a big ol' hallelujah next week when September comes rolling in.


scarlett said...

Ah the funk...I feel like I am back in it. I am not sure why I am fighting the whole school routine this year but I am. Just think Mexico and who cares if your pants fit or not...We are taking a nanny sister!!!! Any hoo on that note I will scoff down the chocolate chip cookies I just baked and go to bed.

wiwwa said...

This summer has been really, really short. Long winter, and while we've had a few nice weekends, it really has gotten cold early. It's been affecting me as well.

I'm glad you were far enough away from the fire that it didn't affect your home. How scary!

We're mean parents - no kids allowed to sleep in the bed.

Clover said...

OMG, you guys just made me feel so much better!!

Thank you!

jmac said...

another mean parent checking in....none of my 3 boys EVER slept ONE night in my bed. EVAH.

so glad fires weren't in your neighborhood. I worried about you. Alot.