Friday, August 08, 2008

Some things you might want to know on this lovely Friday. Or not. Hard tellin'.

1. I can barely walk today. Thank you "Body Pump" class. My mom is fine though. BAD ASS NINJA. I'm telling you.

2. There is a new children's consignment store very close to my house. For the IdaHo's, it is in the Vista Village shopping center, and it is super cute. I took a bunch of stuff there this AM and got $38 dollars in credits. Which excites my earth mama personna, as well as my totally cheap personna. SP is excited too because she got 2 new dresses. And she is also pretty stoked about the new store being right next to "Only One Dollar!" where she somehow voodoo-hypno-tricked me into buying her a recorder. As in, shrill musical instrument. I think I was distracted by the burning in my quads. No matter though. I am probably not going to be able to get out of my desk chair for 2-3 days, and by then the novelty may have worn off.

Also at Only One Dollar were these packages of totally cool felt cutout shape delios that were worth every one of those 100 pennies.

3. John Edwards....John, John, Joooohn. I just. I just can't even go there. Stupid man.

4. I have jury duty next week, and I am FREAKING out about the potential for being chosen, even for preliminary rounds of questioning, for the sentencing portion of a death sentence case of a very violent murderer/child molestor. If you live in Idaho you probably know what I mean. The thought of even being questioned about my ability to serve on that Jury makes me want to turn to dust. FREAKING OUT. Me. Shudder.

And for the record, even though I am usually kind of wishy washy about the death sentence, in this case I think the bastard should die slowly and painfully. FOR THE RECORD. Just in case there is anyone reading my blog who might be able to pass that along.

5. I have a question. What do you do with kids clothes that are too worn/stained to be donated? I have a bin of consignment items, a bin for St. Vinnies, and a bag of rags basically. Only, I have actual rags breeding in my laundry room closet. So I don't need any more. Fabric is commonly recycled and re-used for various and sundry things, right? So...what do I do with it? I suppose I should start with calling the recycling center. But if you have an answer to this question please share. Thanky.

6. I am missing Scarlett and hope she is having a nice vacation.

7. My blogroll currently features a link to "Wooly Felt Balls" at Craft Magazine. Um...that's REALLY funny, right? Maybe I could make some for my sock monkey. Dirty Monkey.

Bonne Weekend!


Anonymous said...

You get in your time machine to 1962 and take those rags to the rag drive at St. Mary's. Only, I have no idea why they needed rags. Maybe the nuns could not afford Kotex.
Aunty M.

Clover said...


scarlett said...

Freecycle? Just a thought...some poor horder will add it to their collection. Having fun in VA. I may need some time at the gym. To much southern food!

Clover said...

Oooh! Fried stuff! :)

Freecycle is a good idea...

Anonymous said...

Please tell me you didn't get picked for that jury. I've been watching the news all week horrified at the thought of having to sit through that!


Myshell said...

Yes Clover...please tell us you were not picked for the heart goes out to the people who were.