Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Today is more about the Random than it is about the Photo. Although, there will be photos!

First, two cool new blogs. These were featured as "Blogs of Note" on Blogger today. And because it is Tuesday and I am feeling random I actually clicked on the Blogs of Note and was delighted to find a couple of gems.

Crafty Synergy features artists who make all kinds of wonderful handmade things. I am especially loving the letterpress stationary and cards from Sunlit Letterpress, and the gorgeous leaf printed fabrics from Inleaf Design, and the darling softies from Creative Thursday. Not to mention that I am all kinds of jealous of how Miss Creative Thursday gets to live the life of an artist that she always dreamed of.

I think I'll add Crafty Synergy to my blog roll so that I can contribute even less at work.

The other blog I love today is It's Lovely! I'll Take It! SO. FUNNY. Oh man, this blog really gets me. It is a collection of truly bad real estate photos. And I am in love.

And now, I would like to send a big fat BITE ME to Alaska Airlines because of vacation hassles I am too tired and frustrated to even tell you about. But at the same time, I need to send a little love to the probably waaaay underpaid people at the International reservations toll free number who fixed the giant airline created screwup and gave me both a hotel voucher and some free tickets. They were lovely even when I was verging on not being so lovely. And it only took 3 calls, 3 different agents, two supervisors and about 2 hours of my time. Wheeeeee!!

And now some photos:

I believe that this is the only photo we took of ourselves this weekend. Check out how relaxed and focused we look. Because all we had to do that day was shop and eat and hang out. There is a lake very nearby and none of us is worrying about whether or not the fruit of our looms is going to fall in, eat dirt, get a sunburn, etc. We are so blissed out we don't even care that this is probably a terribly unflattering angle to take a picture from. And I think we look good!

And this is the J page from the ABC Book. I think it's cool.


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