Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I made a big proclamation a few weeks ago (to Mr. G) and almost immediately regretted it. I said that I was going to do a little eco experiment and not buy any new clothes for myself or the kids this fall. I had just read an article in Real Simple Magazine about how un-environmentally friendly the fashion industry is. And I had also just made a big trip to the new kids consignment store. I was feeling all earth mama superheroey. Proclimationey. And also too broke to shop retail, so you know. Safe.

But then all the back-to-school sales started happening. And I realized that I need a new bra, some new brown shoes, and a pair of jeans. I started to waiver. And then I remembered I have no. freakin. money. Suddenly I was on board again.

I’m still going to buy a new bra. Just in case you’re freaking out about consignment and undergarment being uttered in the same blog post. There will be no used underthings. Or shoes. I’m going to have to buy some new brown shoes.

But I am happy to report that yesterday, on a whim, I decided to go to St. Vinnies and look for a pair of jeans. I came home with 4 pairs, including some Tommy Hilfigers. They all look brand new and they were about $5 each. Woo! I also found 4 complete outfits for Sweet Will, two pairs of pants for Sweet Pea, and the “best treasure ever” according to Sweet Pea, a new bike for her. It is pink and purple with shiny hearts all over it. It has training wheels and a rearview mirror and she thinks it rocks out. It was $20. It is going to live in the mountains because we discovered this weekend that the mountains are an excellent place to ride your bike.

I’m feeling like an excellent bargain hunter today. Good thing too. Because gas and groceries are bleeding us dry. Le sigh.



Anonymous said...

Check out A year long performance project where the woman wore the same dress for 365 days.

Clover said...

LOL! Oh...Ok. Mr. G just asked me if I was going to start wearing a brown dress. I wasall...huh? Hehehe.

I got a black silk Ann Taylor shirt at a consignment store for $6 yesterday. Man, if you are a size 4 you could dress to the nines at that consignment store. All Banana Republic and designer jeans and stuff. Not to mention the shoes. Lordy, the shoes. All size 6. Le sigh.

Clover said...

Umm...yeah. Not gonna do that. LOL

Annie said...

awesome buys! I wish we had a consignment shop, or even a decent thrift store. We have what's referred to as the "unloved gift shop". It's a thrift run by the hospital auxiliary, and it is the dregs, for sure. Except their book section. Apparently tourists leave all their vacation books at the hotels, who give them to the shop. So, good books for buck or so.

I have a 70 gallon rubbermaid tub full of perfectly good (mostly) hand me downs for a size 12 -18 month girl, and nowhere else to donate it.

And I hear ya on the gas & groceries. The good news though is that our gas went down from $6.50/gal to $5.68/gal. woohoo. Bad news is that groceries went up again. At least with tourist season almost over we might start having a decent stock again.

Beege said...

The proclamation was because of the red shoes, wasn't it? ;)

Don't second guess the red shoes. They are a gift. Love them, wear them for years, and don't look back.

Julie said...

You have got to stop this clothes/guilt thing.

wiwwa said...

That's awesome! I would love to shop at thrift stores/consignment stores. I hate paying full price for clothes! Unfortunately, not a lot of good options for the larger lady from what I have found.

Good idea for the kiddos especially. I'll have to do that for the Little Rockstar.