Friday, September 19, 2008

Well, that was fast...

Materials used: Word Album Template - Scrapgirls, Bounce Collection papers and embellishments - Shabby Princess, Fonts: CK Orleans, CK Ali's Writing, Beach Type, Photos of the cutest baby boy ever by me.

Sniff. Sniff.

He won't be one until October 11th. But man, where has this year gone? (And why don't I fit into my pants yet? Sorry, that never gets old for me.) I love who that little boy is becoming. First of all, A LITTLE BOY. Wasn't he a newborn about 5 minutes ago? But even though he's so busy and curious, he still loves to snuggle. And when he does I can't help but to press my cheek against the back of his neck and smell his little person smell (Sweet Pea smells like her Daddy. Will smells like me.) and feel those sweet little curls on my face.

He is so close to walking. I bet we are only a week or two away. He can get all the way up the stairs - with me right behind him. And today he climbed up onto the couch. Lord help me!

He still says mostly just "Uh Oh!" But "Uh Oh!" is starting to mean so many things. And tonight he studied his sister carefully while she brushed her teeth, and then brushed his teeth exactly the same way. SO clever. So cute.

Lucky. Me.

The birthday party will be small. But I'm planning a lil' bit of spectacular. Cause you know how I looooves me a birthday party. Woo!



Crankster said...

That's awesome. I love that time when they transition from one stage to another!

scarlett said...

So cute....Homade night has to come soon so I can see how this works!

Sally said...

He can't be one already??? My god where has that time gone!

beege said... are lucky.

I'm finding second kids are easier than first ones, because they have an older sib to learn things from. Saves me time. ;)

Clover said...

Yes, this trip has been easier for sure. I think it's because 1) he's SO mellow. 2) I'm used to the pace of motherhood and more confident about riding out any rough patches. 3) His is captivated by his sister. He wants to be with her as much, if not more, than he wants to be with me or Mr. G. So he'll actually let us put him down to go play. Whereas she wanted a lot more interaction from us.

And she "babysits" so I can shower. Which is nice.

We just had a lovely weekend with them. I'm feeling all mommy schmoopy today. My kids rock.