Monday, October 20, 2008

I am back to reality today after a lovely and rare weekend alone with Mr. G. We took off to the hills for a day and a half of adult only entertainment. Namely, sleeping uninterrupted and eating without sharing. Good times!

This time of year is beautiful in central Idaho, and I thought I would take you on a hike through Ponderosa State Park. I never fancied myself a leaf peeper before Saturday. But now I'm hooked. The colors were unbelieveable. And bonus, there wasn't another soul in sight. Just what we needed.

While you're putting on your hiking shoes I have to share a little bit of Mommy Heartbreak from this morning. I was dropping Sweet Pea off at preschool. Mondays are sometimes tough for her. What can I say, she's my velcro baby. She was trying to muster up a smile and a kiss goodbye when she asked her teacher where her BFF N. was. The teacher responded that N. had moved to a new school! Friday was her last day...Sweet Pea was devistated. I've never seen her so heartbroken. She just wept on my shoulder for a good 5 minutes. I'm so sad for her. There have been three in her little girl gang since they were barely able to sit up, and now both the other girls have moved away. Poor bebe. I promised to arrange a playdate. But geeze, it's hard to be a kid. Even though N. is just across town, to Sweet Pea it must seem like she's gone forever.

My big girl dried her tears and went off to class with a hug from another girl to cheer her up. I hope she had a good day today. I'm going to hit post and then jet out of here to pick her up.

And now campers, you're hiking the Meadow Marsh Loop, and ending on the beach at Payette Lake. Watch your step and be quiet so you don't scare the deer away!

This last one is a bonus shot. The meadow out our front door on Sunday morning.


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