Monday, October 27, 2008

I’m exhausted. But in a good way!

Where to start? How about the part where I almost caught on fire? So, yeah. Friday night we had our neighbors over for what we, in our cul-de-sac, like to call a fireside chat. I’m sitting in this big, heavy, Adirondack chair with a sleeping Sweet Pea in my lap when suddenly the bottom falls out of our ceramic fire pit. I was in that awkward sitting position where you’re semi reclined and your butt is lower than your knees. Add 28 lbs of dead weight, and I literally couldn’t move. I was trying to push the chair back with my feet, but it’s just too heavy. And the guys were all too busy doing their best Keanu Reeves impression…”Whoa…” “Cool dude…” (I think there were a couple of empty wine bottles on the counter at that point.) So finally I just yelled, “MOVE ME! MY FEET ARE BURNING!”

Big excitement. I thought for sure the entire backyard was going to go up in flames. But apparently dead leaves aren’t quite the kindling I thought they would be. Thank goodness.

Sadly, we are now out a fire pit. Damnit! I do so love the fireside chat. Stupid Home Depot cheapassed fire pit...

Moving on.

Saturday Mr. G and I were invited to a grown up Halloween party. It was the first time we’ve dressed up in years. And I have to say that someone at our house really got into it. And I looked pretty good too.

Sweet Pea was all about helping us get ready. Mr. G was Guitar Hero. So in addition to actually dying his long locks last weekend, he had black nail polish, black eyeliner, a press on tattoo, and a plastic guitar. I’m not even going to lie to you, he looked kinda hot.

I was his vampire groupie. Basically I just dressed kinda trashy and had silver fangs. Those fangs were a hit! But every time I laughed I would bite my lip, and that hurt like a son of a witch. And today I have a blister on my gums. So in case you were wondering, I’m not going to turn into one of those vampire people who drink their lover’s blood.

Anyway, back to Sweet Pea. There was a meltdown. I think it was caused by a combination of staying up a little late the night before, getting into the stash of chocolate bars from the s’mores we made by the campfire, seeing Daddy in eyeliner*, and OMG having one of her most favoritest babysitters in the whole world come over. She spent the afternoon acting like that little girl in the SNL skits. The one who goes, “Rick, Rick, Rick” and runs around like she badly needs some Ritalin – you know who I mean? Then when it was time for us to go she f.r.e.a.k.e.d. Screaming. Kicking. Wailing. I pulled out every parenting skill I could think of to no avail. In the end I was completely prepared to cave into her massive tantrum. That’s probably bad. But seriously, there was no way we could have in good conscience left her like that. So after lots of tender coaxing I got all tough love Mommy and told her that if I didn’t get to dress up and go to my party she couldn’t either. She had to choose between staying home with me and going Trick or Treating. She actually told me to THROW HER COSTUME IN THE GARBAGE and stay home with her. Oy.

Then she saw how much fun baby brother was having taking a bath while Miss Favorite Babysitter entertained him with an arsenal of tub toys. And just like that the cloud passed.

*Quote of the night, “Daddy, you look like a woman!”

Off we went to the party. Which was amazing. The house was completely decked out. I bet there were 40 carved and lit jack o’ lanterns. And even though I literally didn’t know a soul except the hosts, we had a BLAST. Awesome people. Great food. Fabulous music. And the costumes! The costumes! I am reminded why I wanted to be a theater teacher…

Sunday we had an amazing dinner and carved pumpkins with our good friends. E made the entire menu out of a fall Martha Stewart Magazine. Props to her, because it looked complicated. But it sure tasted fabulous. Sausages, apples and sauerkraut, roasted root veggies, and for desert baked plums and chocolate chip cookies. Uh…yummy.

It has just occurred to me that I didn’t take a single picture of any of this stuff. No costumes, no pumpkin carving. Whoa. I’m off my game.

And then this morning after I dropped the kids off at school I had coffee with a psychic. It was considerably less “airy fairy” than you would think. But she said some things to me that have my brain on overdrive. Change is in the air for me. And I think that’s good.

But right now I need a nap.



Tales from the Crib said...

Really, I think we must live a parallel life. I have my BFA in acting/directing. My neighborhood routinely throws "adult frat parties" on someone's back deck, complete with fire pit and s'mores (though no one has caught fire yet), and my son threw the biggest, most mega meltdown tantrum ever this evening. Woah.

scarlett said...

Ugh, our girls definitely got the drama gene. Must of came from their daddies right? They are the ones that are related. I am a little jealous of the halloween party. I always want to go to one every year. Maybe we need to plan one next year. Glad you didn't get burnt up!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this hilarious post.

Happy Halloween,

Aunty M

Kristy said...

Hah! We went to our first grown-up Halloween party this past weekend and had a blast! I can't wait for next year :) Kids shouldn't get all the fun!

Kristy said...

I should say first grown-up H'ween party since we've had kids - which has been almost six years! Dang.