Friday, October 24, 2008

We started a new tradition with some friends of ours. It's a Fall Weekend Extravaganza. First we all meet in N. Idaho to watch some Vandal Football. Then we head to E. Washington for some pumpkin patching. And then we have a birthday party for my friend Tricka*. It makes for a busy weekend, but the fun factor outweighs the chaos factor.

*That's not really her name. She's not a stripper or anything like that.

We took some great pictures while we were visiting the assortment of farms in Green Bluff. What a cool place!

My only regret is that because I was freezing cold (read: dressed inappropriately for the weather) I only got pictures of the girls and Sweet William. I think because they were slower moving. And also, for some reason they decided that I was going to buy them a busload of pumpkins. So they stuck close. There were three handsome dudes with us (in addition to Will) that day. But alas, they are not preserved in digital form. Not on my blog anyway.

Enjoy the pictures of my chillins. The pumpkins aren't the only things growing like crazy 'round here.

This is our porch all decked out for Halloween.

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