Friday, October 17, 2008

Whew. Why does it alwasy seem like summer is going to be so busy, and then FALL is what really hits me squarely between the eyes? I can't believe how chaotic life has been for us the last few weeks.

But here's a little secret. Part of me kinda thrives on the chaos. I think that particular personality trait drives my mom a little batty. Right Mom? But I get antsy at home. I want to get out of the house and hit the road. Vandal games, weekends with friends, trips to the pumpkin patch...BRING IT! There's nothing good on TV anymore anyway. And my kids always seem up for the adventure.

So that's what we've been up to. Everything! There will be pictures to share soon. I'm sure you're shocked to hear that we took a million of them. Especially cute are the pumpkin patch photos. Soon. Soon.

Right now I'm getting ready to sit down with my bank statement and get back on track with my monthly spreadsheet of expenses. Woo. It's a task I have a love hate thing with. Mostly hate. But it IS a good thing to do. I need to do it...I went to a financial conference for women yesterday called "Smart Women. Smart Money." It was EXCELLET. If you are a woman who lives in Idaho or can get to Idaho you should really plan to come with me next year. I learned a ton and it was actually pretty fun. Anyway, I was reminded how much more in control of things I feel when I know where all our money goes. And right now that is huge, isn't it? The world seems a scary place to me with talk of a Depression. I'll be honest, I worry about what will happen to us. But worry doesn't do any good, does it? Nope. Anticipation, preparedness, and a PLAN will get us through the next few months, maybe even the next couple of years. Which are sure to be rocky.

But this too shall pass. And I refuse to panic. (repeat)

There was an amazing speaker yesterday named Mary Hunt. I could have kissed that woman for all the practical advice she gave. (Including: Don't Panic! This too shall pass!) She has some online tools that I am going to check out to help keep me on track and motivated. If you're interested in doing the same visit Debt Proof Living. Smart lady.

And before I wish you bonne weekend, I am sharing this cool little piece of cyber art. It's called a Wordle. I gave the URL to this blog to the wordle generator and it created this based on the words used in recent posts. Bigger words have been used more times. Hmmm. Wine is a big word. Yea! That makes me like me just a little more.

Oh, and before I go. Would you mind looking around for my car keys? They're missing. Just check under your chair there. No? Damn. Thanks anyway.


Slacker Mama said...

Fall is *craziness* in our house, too. Last weekend we went to a football game (UVA) and the pumpkin patch and I *relaxed* on my three day weekend by having 2 playdates lined up.

I felt bad because E wanted to do soccer but in all honesty, we are almost never around in the we'll give it a shot in the spirng.

And, I'm jealous. I wordled my blog a while ago and Dora was my wine-sized word.

Beege said...

That wordle thing is cool! How did you get it to imbed in your blog? I couldn't figure it out.

Clover said...

OMG, Dora!! LOLOLOLOL. Love it.

I actually did a screen capture and then saved it as a JPG and uploaded it like a picture. I cleaned it up in photoshop first. Which I would be happy to do for you if you would like. :)

Beege said...

That would be awesome! Mine was cool (it had boobies AND Obama in it. Why that's cool, not sure, just is.)!

How do you do an image capture? I tried all the stuff I knew, and nothing worked.

I'm so technologically retarded.