Thursday, December 04, 2008

Dear Santa,

Please can I have a scooter for Christmas? A pink one with flowers. But not too big. I'm 4. I also want a play hair salon. I can play with my cousin.

I have a brother and I am good with my brother. I have been a good girl this year.

My Grandma has toys and stuff. Sometimes I like to visit her.

I'm watching Little Bear.

I'm going to make you cookies. Do you like sprinkles? Stars, or pink?

Have a great Christmas at your home. Santa Claus is coming to every house. That's you Saint Nick!

Merry Christmas!

Sweet Pea


Tales from the Crib said...

lol, J just typed his letter to Santa and asked for a scooter as well! Unfortunately, he's not getting one - Santa already bought his gifts and that wasn't one of them...

Clover said...

Well, that's probably good because let me tell you what, they are hard to find. Although, he probably didn't want a PINK one. And those are what seem to be in short supply. Argh.

wiwwa said...

Did you find one yet?