Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your responses to yesterday's freakout du jour. This afternoon my mom was all, "GO READ WHAT J WROTE ON YOUR BLOG" in that tone that indicates wise women have spoken. I think that was before the other responses, which were also totally fabulous. Thank you for sharing, and for your wonderful words of encouragement.

Here's what I'm a gonna do...For sure the kids will be home with me by June at the latest. They get to have a "real" summer, and I get another month or two to finish some projects that I have in the wings. Between now and then the kids will still do their very flexible 3 day a week "school" schedule. And I will evaluate, at the beginning of each month, if I'm ready for them be home all day - meaning earlier than June.

The June thing has been my plan for several weeks now. I just had a minor deviation from said plan yesterday on account of the no sleeping, miserable baby (poor baby!), sucky economy, etc. etc. etc. But my wonderful and grounded husband has also been reassuring. Soooo...back to the new and improved plan. (All my face to face friends are cracking up right now about my inability to function without a plan.)

I may be operating from a pretty selfish place here. But I keep thinking that I started planning for my fake retirement in April of last year. I have this list of things I wanted to do come November. And with the holidays (and sick kids) I haven't crossed a whole lot off the list. So I think my freakout was coming from that place. The one that really wants to launch an Etsy site and see what happens. I'm so close...And, Sweet Pea gets to finish her pre-school curriculum. Will is probably getting the shortest straw here. But he will never remember. (Kidding...He LOVES school. Really, he does. And we LOVE our school. So I am Ok with this.)

Then, in June we get to play play play in the sunshine. Come fall Sweet Pea will start half day kindergarten, and maybe Will will go back to daycare 2 days a week or something. Depends. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Yes? Sound good? Is is strange that I'm turning to the internet to help me make this decision? You girls know I love you...

Oh, and if you are worried about BabyBoy, let me tell you that the poor child has a double ear infection. But he also has a moonshine jug of yummy pink medicine. So he is upstairs sleeping peacefully for the longest stretch in 3 days. POOR BABY! Except that I always did love me up some amoxicillin. Don't tell, but I lick the drips off my fingers when I give it to him.

OK! Pictures!

So. I have come to terms with the sewing, scrapping, baking, semi-SAHM that seems to have burst forth from my former career girl/kareoke bar fly self. But bird feeders? Really? TWO of them? With special food I buy to attract local birds? And then the countless pictures of plain brown birds? Where is this coming from? But oh how I love my little flock of Chickadees. And just wait until this Spring when the Tannigers come back...

This is our Dirty Rotten Scoundrel. Sweet Pea and I love to wait until he is doing just this, and then we burst through the door and yell, "YOUGETOUTTAHERE! GIT! GIT! GITBACKUPINTHATTREE!!!" Heh. Next I am going to invest in one of those thingies you hang your feeder from that spins if something heavy (like a squirrel) climbs onto the feeder. OMG. Spinning squirrels. Comedy Gold.

As all you other moms know, this kind of thing is so common around here it didn't even register to photograph it. But thank goodness for Mr. G and his fresh perspective. Because that is some kind of cute right there.

This is Sweet Pea's own submission to the Week in Pictures Project. I think we'll make it a regular feature.

My MIL's birthday present. The wrapping is cute, but the Cloverlicious present is cuter. And I will tell you all about it when she gets to open it. Someday.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ugh...I'm such a fatalist. Seriously. I am not sure when I became so pessimistic. (Ok. Not true. I think it was in college where procrastination and my flair for the dramatic met at a crossroads...) But geeze. Someone please remind me that the sky in NOT falling.

Le Bebe is sick. Something flulike. I just do not react well to rough nights and miserable children. I'm all weepy and convinced that I'll be up rocking and wiping runny noses F.O.R.E.V.E.R. OMG, WHAT IF I AM UP ROCKING AND WIPING RUNNY NOSES FOREVER??? See. Film Noir.

I am sort of considering taking the kids out of daycare altogether though. And I will admit that it is freaking me out a little. Ok. A lot. I just don't know if I have what it takes to be a SAHM. I feel like the days when they are with me we watch way too much TV, eat way too much junk, learn way too many bad habits, etc. etc. etc.

But then I think that if we were home all the time we would get into our groove and have more of a routine. We could "play" at the gym for a couple hours every day. (Ok, every other day. Every third day? Shut up.) We could hit the Zoo more often. And drag the art supplies out more. Go to the park, walk the dog...Wait. Why don't we do those things now? Well. We can't do those things tomorrow, because I will probably be on the couch with a sick baby all day long. But next week we can give it a shot. And if you are a SAHM, or a part time SAHM, tell me what your day is like. I need to wrap my brain around it.

Also, there are pictures for this week, but the baby is crying so they must wait. Stupid flu!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

If you are one of those people whose new favorite pastime is grumbling about how crowded the gym is this time of year, then listen up. I am talking to you.

I realize that parking in the north 40 isn’t fun when it’s 19 degrees outside. (If you live in Florida, then seriously, take that one off your list of complaints. You’re at the GYM. Walking across the parking lot is just a little bonus workout.) I know that you have limited time, and waiting for your favorite machine is an inconvenience. I realize that some of the Resolutionites haven’t yet figured out that you have a locker you ALWAYS use. Or that they need to wipe down the machines for a full 90 seconds to please you. But I am going to let you in on a little secret.

YOU JOINED A GYM. You didn’t buy a Soloflex for your living room. You didn’t contract with a trainer to come to the privacy of your home. You pay $40 a month to access a multi-million dollar facility. SO DEAL. Because in case you haven’t noticed, the number of sales people working there is greater than the number of treadmills. And they haven’t slowed their recruiting so that you can have your mango-protein shake without having to stand in line.

It’s busy. I get it. So quit rolling your eyes at me because I didn’t sign up for that 10:30 AM class in December like you did. (Yeah, that’s right. I was there in November and YOU WEREN’T. So don’t act all high and mighty. I’ve totally got your number.)

And here’s a little special excerpt for the Yoga Divas:


A monogrammed yoga mat
$80 yoga pants
The ability to stand on one leg for 3 minutes
Putting your yoga mat on top of my yoga mat in the crowded studio just because that’s “your” spot

In fact, that last one is really REALLY bad Karma sister. I hope that when you were reflecting on becoming an Enlightened Being you got a cramp in your third eye.

From my elliptical machine, I looks to me like we should be really happy that the gym is full of self conscious, overweight, out of shape neophytes this month. Maybe some of those people will make a lifelong change for the better and help turn the US statistics on obesity around.

So here’s to getting healthy and in shape. And I suppose we should try to resist the urge to wish muscle strains on the gym snobs. That’s bad Karma too.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This Week In Pictures

Will "enjoying" Soy Sauce for the first time. This is the 84,000th repetition of "dip, wince, beg for more".

His changing face. The baby part is disappearing.

Dino Kicks. Rar.

Olympic Hopefuls

Monday, January 12, 2009


One of my girlfriends just told me that she put my blog into some gender guesser thingo and the interweb thinks that Clover is a MAN. WHA??? We are going to have to ramp things up around here girls. I feel an ovary post coming on.

Wait. Maybe it's the wedding list and all the references to groomsmen. Or the fact that I am always yammering about my girlfriends.

I bet that picture of Muno put it over the edge.

It's probably not going to help my cause if I post this picture of the shelves I installed today. All by my lonesome. With the use of power tools. (Ok, maybe not tools. But one tool. I rocked that singular power tool I'll have you know.)

The crap room is becoming a craft room! I'm so excited. Etsy here I come!


PS - HELLO to all the peeps who have been dropping in over the last couple of days. I have been surfing some cool blogs via the list of people participating in the 365 Project over on Becky Higgins' blog. I found some good ones, and it looks like a few people found me too. Yea!!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hee...I have embarked on a big "Get Organized 2009" project. Woo! Today, while cleaning out a bunch of crap in the Crap Room. Er...Craft Room...I came upon this checklist in my handwriting circa 1998 - and presumably with strikethroughs and notes in Mr. G's handwriting:

Mr. G's Wedding "to do" list

8/7 Email Groomsmen
8/7 Get Tyson's phone number (left message)
8/15 Write gift letter for house $$
8/19 Set up account @ Tuxedo Place
8/22 Meet at Louies to plan rehersal dinner menu
8/24 All addresses collected
8/24 - 8/31 Address invitations
9/5 Shop for groomsmen gifts
9/14 Order Tuxedos
9/21 Get marriage licence
10/9 Rehersal @ 6:30
10/10 Get married

I guess this is proof that we both knew what we were getting into.

And I know for a fact that he did complete the last two items on the list.

I'm not bossy. I'm an exceptional delegator.


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

So…um…I think my kids are pretty smart. I know. Shock of shocks. A mom who thinks her children are exceptional. But seriously, they are smart. Too smart for their own good on occasion. And this is not just me talking. That particular opinion is shared by a myriad of people including, but not limited to: their father, their grandparents, a psychologist who I sit on a board of directors with, a lady I know who works with gifted children and the lady who was bagging her groceries next to me at Winco** today. So, see. They are bright kids.

**Tame day at Winco. No Justin Timberlake lookalikes or crack moms in pajamas.


I will sheepishly admit that I let them leave the TV on pretty much all day on Wednesdays right now. We are trapped in the house by the cold and slush. And they don’t usually sit drooling in front of it. Noggin is just kind of background noise while they wreck havoc on the living room. But for some freakish reason that I do not even pretend to understand they are mesmerized by Yo Gabba Gabba.

But I will admit. It’s growing on me. I can’t explain why. It’s like there is a group of really hip grownups who get little kids like you wouldn’t believe. And they have decided to combat the Barney’s of the world by producing this weird show.

And now that I’ve spent some time on their blog "Yo Blogga Blogga" I believe that to be even more true.

I can’t say that I’m in love with the songs. And really, what the HELL is Muno supposed to be?

But I love the dancing. Break it down.
I'm thinking about doing the "Picture a Day" challenge for 2009.

Ha. Hahahahahaha. BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Heh.


Ok, how about the "Picture Every Other Day? Or "Three Pictures a Week" challenge? Yeah...That's what I'm gonna do. Starting today.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Things I want to remember about this Christmas time...

1) Will pulling the decorations off the tree C.O.N.S.T.A.N.T.L.Y and eating every hanging candy cane he could reach.

2) How having a tree at the cabin was totally worth it.

3) That it is no fun to do the cleanup after the Christmas party with a hangover.

4) The look on Sweet Pea's face when she saw what Santa brought. And, her excitment when she realized she got a "Miracle Girl" (American Girl) doll from Gigi.

5) Our first Christmas with my nephew Tre, and what a miracle that is. And that my brother is a great dad, and also more famous than a rockstar.

6) Watching Sweet Pea stage the nativity again and again until she got all the players positioned with a perfect view of Baby Jesus.

7) That making a gingerbread house requires a lot of patience and a glue gun.

8) The recipe for Hockey Pucks:
1/4 cup peanut butter
1 small jar of marshmellow creme
Ritz crackers

9) The ingredients for peppermint cocoa:
Cocoa powder
Powdered Milk
Coffee Creamer
Powdered Sugar
Candy Canes

10) All the little birdies at my bird feeder

11) How much we love snow on Chrismtas

12) Not to have Mr. G's gifts shipped to our house.

13) I really do love scared of Santa pictures.

14) McCall is the ONLY place to be for New Year's Eve.