Monday, January 12, 2009


One of my girlfriends just told me that she put my blog into some gender guesser thingo and the interweb thinks that Clover is a MAN. WHA??? We are going to have to ramp things up around here girls. I feel an ovary post coming on.

Wait. Maybe it's the wedding list and all the references to groomsmen. Or the fact that I am always yammering about my girlfriends.

I bet that picture of Muno put it over the edge.

It's probably not going to help my cause if I post this picture of the shelves I installed today. All by my lonesome. With the use of power tools. (Ok, maybe not tools. But one tool. I rocked that singular power tool I'll have you know.)

The crap room is becoming a craft room! I'm so excited. Etsy here I come!


PS - HELLO to all the peeps who have been dropping in over the last couple of days. I have been surfing some cool blogs via the list of people participating in the 365 Project over on Becky Higgins' blog. I found some good ones, and it looks like a few people found me too. Yea!!


Jeanne Pellerin said...

Your space is lookin good!! Love the color! Have a great one! (you will find that I use exclamation points alot - I can't help it!)

Myshell said...

I LOVE the craft space! I wish mine looked so tidy...Cheers!